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Fan Of 3D: Sonali Kulkarni

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I recently heard from a reader from my home town Indore. 
I was delighted to know that my blog is read in my home town too 🙂 nothing could be more joyful than this. Joy doubles up when I get to know that they incorporate the ideas I share on my blog to transform their spaces and then my dear readers share the images with me to know my views. Sharing one such story:
Balcony Garden Ideas

I am Sonali from Indore, an ardent art lover. Beautifying my home is my passion and I try my maximum to use my creativity. I am a regular reader of blog ‘Design Decor & Disha‘ which was an inspiration for me to bring out my creativity. 

Balcony Garden Ideas

I never thought that a small colourless and empty balcony of my apartment where I would hardly go, would be my favourite place in my house and I got the inspiration from  Disha’s blog “my balcony garden makeover”

Balcony Garden Ideas

Now my balcony is colourful with plants, pots, flowers, a fairy garden and many more such things which were lying useless in my house but seems to have become alive when given a place in my small little garden. Waiting to get many more such ideas from ‘Design Decor & Disha‘.

Balcony Garden Ideas

I loved how beautifully Sonali has given personal touch to her balcony garden with mundane objects. What do you say readers, did you like this balcony garden as much as I did.
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Stay tuned for some monsoon inspiration before it bids adieu !

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