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Following Design Trends On The Venue

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Since the day I got the Dell Venue tab I have been praising its awesome features. Now let me praise a little more about my latest crush: My Venue tab.
Being a design blogger I always try to keep myself updated about design trends. But at the same time, I play so many other roles too like mommy, wife, homemaker, blogger, artist, crafter & list goes on. I am so occupied that I am hardly left with time to keep myself updated about the latest design trends and that’s a disaster for design bloggers.
But then technology is always there to save you from such disasters. I am talking about my Dell Venue tab. No matter how busy I am, I can quickly search for the latest design trends on Venue, while I am cooking, helping my son with his homework, or cleaning (I can listen to audio). Just connect to the internet (that happens in jiffy), make a search and a lot about design trends is there right in front of you.

Dell Venue 8
You know logging in to a laptop and then keeping it in your hand all the time while you are doing other things can be a struggle, with Venue it has become easier. Just a push of a button and it starts working, open the browser and search for the latest design trends, take it to the kitchen, keep it there, do all your cooking, and at the same time, you can listen to the audio or can take a quick look at a short video too. Last night I read about some latest design trends on Venue while I was helping my son with his homework. When he needed my help I just pushed the off button, kept the tab aside, helped him, and then just pressed the start button and resumed reading without any hassle.
Dell Venue 8

I got a few emails from my readers who read my earlier posts on Dell Venue, asking me about the features of Venue and advice on whether to buy this tab or not.  I would recommend this tab as it’s economical, loaded with some very nice features, easy to carry & lightweight. 

Thanks to all who enjoyed my video ‘Designing With Dell‘ I am overwhelmed with the response I received. The video got more than 250 hits in just 2 weeks which I never expected as it was my first video.
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See you all with some Diwali Craft & Decor Ideas soon!!

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