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Foyer Makeover On A Budget

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The foyer is the first place that guests see when they enter a home. It is the first place that creates a lasting impression so it should be warm and welcoming. It should be a place with personality and functionality. That’s what I did in a recent foyer makeover project. Check out the video below to see all the steps involved in this makeover.

Here is a before and after picture for you all. Though I liked the previous look too but there was no light and nothing no space to toss the keys and other stuff. Also, I got bored of the same look hence this makeover!! Let me tell you this foyer makeover didn’t burn a hole in my pocket but the look and feel of entryway have changed entirely.

  Before                                                 After
Foyer Makeover On Budget
When I undertake any makeover project first I pay attention to the functionality of the space and then lighting and accessorizing. In this particular makeover, I changed the paint on the wall, Instead of artwork or mirror, I created clay work that is kind of permanent (until I decide to do makeover again) and to put some random stuff and decor accents I installed a beautifully carved wooden wall shelf.
The total cost of this makeover is given in above video with the cost breakdown and all the links to buy products that I used in this makeover.
Wall shelf can now serve as a center stage where I can display various decor accents and can change the look of this space effortlessly. Here are some more images to prove my point.
Foyer Makeover on budget
I chose glowing rust color for the wall. Bodhi tree or call it a tree of life has been created using air drying clay and tiny mirrors are serving as leaves. Turquoise Buddha bust pops beautifully against glowing rust wall and greens just add the cheer here.
I am happy with the end result and really looking forward to knowing what do you all feel about this makeover.
There will be a talented guest on 3D in my next blog so stay tuned!!
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