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Getting Your Home Ready Post-Festivities

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The festival season has ended and the aftermath of the festivities can be a really bad sight. Once the festival season is over your home becomes even more cluttered and messy than what it was before festivals. Don’t you agree?

Post festivities cleaning

During festive seasons, your home speaks for your personality and you dress it up for the festive ambiance & make it look divine. But this divine place soon transforms into a cluttered space once the guests leave. The home which was once shining and sparkling is now grime and greasy. Post festivities all you want is to take some rest and revive yourself but the clutter and mess all around the house make you sick. The faster you will clean, the sooner you will be done. So here are some quick and easy tips to speed up your post festivities cleaning:

  • The first thing is, don’t be hard on yourself. If can’t do all of it at once, don’t worry! Do it as you go.
  • You can’t do it all alone, you shouldn’t. Give some work to your husband and kids too. A nice way to teach your kids about cleanliness and how family members should cooperate with each other.
  • Clean up the clutter by sorting the things and putting them in different bins or bags. You can arrange them or put them in a place later when you have some extra time on your hands. This will clear up the surface and now you can dust and mop easily.
Post Festivities Cleaning
  • Keep all your cleaning supplies in a convenient area in a caddy for quick access.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom will speed up the cleaning process and you can get rid of all the dirt and grime quickly. Start from the top and work your way toward the bottom.
  • This post-festive ambiance is the most unpleasant part of such occasions as the leftover utensils, stains & dirty sink invite the creepy crawling cockroaches. To save from the cockroaches that created havoc not only in the kitchen but all around the house, make it a point to always keep LAL HIT handy for such post-festive cleaning. #SayNoToFoodPoisoning
  • Use cleaning agents that are easy to work with and are multi-purpose too like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, vinegar etc.
  • It is always a better idea to clean up the clutter or mess as soon as it happens.
All these are small tricks and tips that can save you a lot of time. Hope you find this helpful.
Stay tuned to check out a beautiful and collected home of a multi-talented personality!!

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