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I have so much to be thankful for. As the new year begins I strongly feel that it’s a time to say ‘thank you’ to each and every one of you. You all have been my strength, courage & support throughout my blogging journey. I was nothing and you all made me a beautiful person, I feel content and happy all the time. I find myself very fortunate that I got connected with such wonderful and lovely people in this virtual world of blogging. Now I have friends from many different countries, religions, and cultures and that’s what I love about blogging.
I am grateful to God for giving me everything that I had in the past, I have today and will have in the future. I am grateful to my parents, siblings, and my wonderful, lovely, sweet & small family for their endless support and selfless love, for the precious time that they spend with me and make me feel special, for their encouraging words that keep me going, I couldn’t ask for more. I am grateful to all my fellow bloggers who are always there to help and keep inspiring me. I am grateful to you all my friends and readers, you never fail to encourage and support me, no matter in which part of the world you are, you are always there for me whenever I need you. Thank you! Thank you very much.
I would like to thank those friends too, who always see negative in me, who try to put me down, who always discourage me and try to create negativity around me, who criticize me in every way possible, who never even congratulate me on my success, people….believe me you are my best friends because you bring the best out of me. Every time you try to put me down I rise and run with strength double than earlier. I am very grateful to you friends, but I request you to stop being jealous, and be grateful for what all you have, as gratitude blocks toxic emotions 🙂 look in the mirror, think about me, and SMILE 🙂 kill those toxic emotions as soon as possible.

My dear friends and readers, I read somewhere and would like to share the secret to happiness with you, it’s Gratitude!!

“Gratitude is not only the greatest virtue but the parent of all the others”.
The secret to happiness is- express gratitude, practice kindness, spread cheer, and savor joy
I have experienced this many times that when you become grateful for everything that happens in life, you see the world with new eyes, you find yourself calm, happy, and content your life becomes full of wonderful opportunities.
I have a lot to share but I wish I had at least 36 hrs in a day to make it possible. Let me quickly share some very important things that happened in my life after I started blogging:
1) My blog is considered one of the best Indian design blogs. Thank you, Hindustan Times 🙂
2) It crossed more than 4,50,000 hits recently. Thank you, readers 🙂
3) I earned money in six figures in just 4 months and that too through blogging. Thanks to Blogger, Google, and the brands I worked with 🙂
4) I did my very first commissioned wall art project, post about it will be coming shortly. Thanks to the wonderful client 🙂
5) I took a plunge into video blogging and it’s also paying me handsomely. Thanks to the viewers 🙂 You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.
That’s all from me. Stay tuned lovely people, a very talented artist will be joining us shortly.
Love, Luck & Sunshine!!!

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