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Handcrafted Home Contest

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Hiya dear readers!!
Five years ago around this time, I had started blogging with no big plans in my mind.
I kept writing and sharing my decor and DIY ideas with you all without wanting anything in return. But I got a huge family of like-minded, creative, and enthusiastic people from around the world and their endless love and support in return. It’s because of you, yes each one of you who commented, encouraged, liked, and kept reading my blogs, I have made it this far. My blog is completing five years on 12th Oct 2015 and I don’t want to miss this opportunity to celebrate this occasion with my lovely and ever-growing 3D family.

If you are game, I am running a contest in association with ‘Heart For Art‘ charitable trust. Before I go ahead and tell you more about the contest, here is a brief introduction about ‘Heart For Art’.

Handcrafted Home Contest

Now I am sharing details about the contest. As ‘Heart For Art’ is all about handcrafted home decor products and I too love decorating home with handcrafted beauties, hence the contest we are running is ‘Handcrafted Home‘.

Handcrafted Home Contest

And here are the steps to participate in this contest.
1). What we want to see is a picture of any beautiful corner in your home that is decorated with the handicraft from any Indian state/city for example Dokra from Jharkhand, Sabai grass craft from West Bengal & Odisha, Wooden toys from Channapattna, Longpi black pottery from Manipur, Kottan from Chettinad and many such exquisite and unique crafts of India.
2). Check out ‘Heart For Art‘ store and let us know which handcrafted product you liked the most.
3). Post image along with comment about Heart For Art products (Step1 & 2) on my Facebook Page (click here). Multiple entries are allowed.
4). Contest is now live and will end on my blog’s 5th bithday i.e on 12th Oct 2015. Keep posting and have fun. I will announce the winner on 13th Oct 2015.

Now you will love me more because goodies that the contest winner will get are the best craft from WB, Odisha and Chttinad. These handcrafted products will be a perfect addition to your decor this festive season. Flaunt them to add panache to your home decor.
Here’s goody1: Sabai Grass Bread Brasket from West Bengal
Handcrafted Home Contest
Sabai grass grows extensively in the districts of Midnapore, West Bengal and Mayurbhanj, Odisha. Natural dyes as well as lead-free chemical dyes which are skin and environment friendly are used to dye the products. Here is your chance to win this eco-friendly beauty. Go ahead and post images.
Here’s goody2: Kottan Gift Box from Chettinad
Handcrafted Home Contest
Made in the finest Kottan traditions, from finely strip cut palmyra leaves. The Kottan tradition has been associated with the Aachis of the Chettinad region in Tamilnadu and has many weaves and designs that are used to make these exquisite baskets. This gift box can be used as a trinket box or to store cards. 
Now lets check out how Sabai grass tray that I got from ‘Heart For Art’ is beautifying my place. I am totally in love with the beauty of this handcrafted basket.
Handcrafted Home Contest
I have been using it in various ways. Sometimes it holds my coasters and sometimes I use it to display knick-knacks.
Handcrafted Home Contest
Sometimes it serves as a beautiful tray and makes my tea time even more enjoyable.
Handcrafted Home Contest
I know longingly you are looking at all the beautiful products from “Heart For Art’. So without much ado go ahead and start sharing beautiful pictures of your wonderful haven. I will be coming up with a video of all the entries I will receive.
Good luck to all of you and have fun!!

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