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Happy Holi!!

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Holi is the most colorful and joyous festival in India. It is celebrated on the full-moon day in the month of Falgun ( mid-March in the Gregorian calendar). This fun and frolic festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety. The festivities usher in spring in India. 
Indian Festival Holi
Holi is just not a festival of colors but also a festival that celebrates love. You would be amazed to know that in Braj (UP) Holi is celebrated for 16 days to commemorate the divine love of Radha Krishna. The sixteenth day is celebrated as Rangpanchami.
Indian Festival Holi
Keeping the colors and divine love of Radha Krishna in mind here is my Holi vignette. With lots of Holi preparation and very little time on my hands, this is what I could do.
Spring season itself is so gay that this simple and easy Holi decor is just enough to add cheer to my home. Gloomy and dull winter days are gone and Holi marks the beginning of bright and sunny days.
Indian Festival Holi
The vibrant colors of Gulal and Abeer set the perfect tone for Holi.
Happy Holi
I prefer dry colors as they not only save lots of water but also minimize the hassle of scrubbing the skin hard to remove the color and don’t ask about allergies and harmful effects of chemicals used in those colors.
Holi Festival
And this is my humble request to you all to play Holi with dry colors and save precious water. So that we don’t face water scarcity in summer.
Holi Hai
Dear readers, forgive all those who have hurt you, be an ice-breaker, play colors with people from all walks of life, tickle your taste buds with all the delicacies, and enjoy every moment of this beautiful festival.
Holi Wishes
Stay tuned as I’m going to introduce you to an inspiring woman entrepreneur and next will be a tour of a very very gorgeous and never seen before home 🙂
Indian Festival Holi
Wish You All A Very Happy, Colorful and Joyous Holi!!

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