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Home Tour: Anushikha Dwivedi

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I have featured so many home tours here on my beloved blog 3D
but never got a chance to meet all those wonderful homeowners and lovely friends. But this time around the thing is different. I got an opportunity to meet the beautiful, charming, cheerful, vivacious, confident, and very warm person Anushikha Dwivedi who’s been living just 4 KMs away from my place and I was not aware until she sent me some images of her gorgeous home after watching Rashmi Chandra’s home tour on my YouTube channel. And let me tell you after meeting her I realized how true is the quote that “Your home is a reflection of where your heart is even when you are not there, There is an aura when you step into someone’s home that can not be described.” Dear folks, I bring to you the video tour of Anushikha’s gorgeous, stunning, vibrant and happy place. Watch the video below. I really hope y’all like it!!

Anushikha loves to collect artifacts from various sources like art and craft fair/exhibitions, flea markets, handicraft stores &  from the places she visits. She loves to surround herself with the things she loves. If you love the artifacts you see in the above video and images in this blog then you can contact Anushikha as she runs an online business Anuvik that specializes in quirky & unique home decor items. Anuvik (Anu+Vik) is founded by Anushikha & her husband Vikram. They both are passionate about arts & crafts. With the encouragement of their parents, friends & relatives they decided to combine their love for decorating and crafting into an online business. They went ahead with home decor items because nothing for them is more stimulating and inspiring than a lovely home. Some of the decor items are designed by creative artisans. Dreamy wall art, gorgeous votive holders, dhokra art, tribal musicians, chanderi silk curtains, ceramic spice jars & racks, anything that can spruce up your home a little bit.

Home Decor Ideas

The philosophy that Anushikha follows is “If you buy the stuff you love, regardless of era and price. Your home will be a true reflection of you!!!”
Let’s begin the tour. Below is the entryway to Anushikha’s home that sets the tone for the rest of the home. Though you can see a burst of colors everywhere in the home but yellow, teal, fuchsia and peach play a major role in tying up the things together.

Home Decor Ideas
Image: Clicked by Anushikha
Home Decor Ideas
Image: Clicked by Anushika
Below is the seating arrangement in her living room. Warm, cozy and so vibrant. All the decor accents collected from different sources over the years are displayed tastefully in every nook and corner of her home.
Festive Decor Ideas
The other wall in the living room is painted in bright yellow and Anushikha has created a gallery wall to display artworks she bought from exhibitions, from differently abled kids and she also put up a photograph of Mumma bird feeding her babies clicked by her husband Vikram who just loves photography.
A closer look at the seating arrangement in this area and I am completely in love with it.
Festive Decor
Indian Home Tour
She has the most gorgeous collection of the artefacts, furnishings and everything else.
Festive Home Decor
The other side of the living room has this beautiful low seating arrangement with flowy curtains in the backdrop, beautiful artwork on the wall, elegant decor accessories placed right next to it. A place where one can relax, read book and forget about the world.
Indian Decor Ideas
Indian Decor
Next to the low seating is this beautiful set up with wall shelf full of artefacts and books of course, miniature garden and knick-knacks with some personal touches.
Festive Home Decor
Now let’s enter into her kitchen and dining area. All the dining and decor accessories you see here are available at Anuvik. You can contact Anushikha to enquire about the products.
Indian Dining Room
A picture is worth a thousand words, so without talking much about what is where and how beautifully she has turned her house into a home, I’ll be leaving you with the images of Anushikha’s colorful home to admire and get inspired.
Indian Dining Room
Indian Dining Room Decor
Indian Dining Table Decor
Kitchen has also got its share of colors. The space looks bright and sunny due to clever use of color.
Indian Home Decor
Indian Kitchen
Below is the picture of guest bedroom. This is also as cheerful as all the other rooms in Anushikha’s home. Drapes in chanderi silk create a statement here.
Indian Home Decor
Indian Home Decor
Indian Home Decor
This beautiful wall in sap green leads to Anushikha’s bedroom which is the most stunning room in her home with a beautifully done balcony attached to it.
Indian Festive Decor
Image: Clicked by Anushikha
Anushikha just love to style each and every part of her home. So while I was shooting one room she was busy styling the other room to get it ready for the shoot.
Indian Decor Ideas
Below is the stunning image of her bedroom that garnered a lot of interest on my Instagram account. Doesn’t it look dreamy.
Indian Decor Ideas
Image: Clicked by Anushikha
Indian Home Decor
Indian Decor Ideas
Now let’s step into her balcony which is oh so stunning place in her home. I have so many images but fewer words to describe this home. I am running short of words!! I better leave you all with the images and you can leave in comments what do you think about this home.
Indian Balcony garden
Indian Balcony Garden
Balcony Decor
Indian Balcony Decor

What adjective came to your mind after taking a tour of Anushikha’s home. Let us know in the comment. Hope you all enjoyed this gorgeous home tour.
Thank a bunch Anushikha & Vikram for letting us take a peek inside your vibrant & happy abode and for your warm hospitality 🙂
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Stick around to know what’s coming up next. Till then connect with me here:
P.S. All the images are clicked by Disha Mishra Dubey and are subject to copyright. Please do not use any image without my permission. Thanks!!!

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