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Home Tour: Kapila Banerjee

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3D readers across the globe are reaching out to me to showcase their one-of-a-kind, reflections of their own personalities, filled with memories and stunning homes on my blog Design Decor & Disha. I already have four more home tours lined up for the next two months one from Canada, one from London, one from Mumbai, and one from the city I am living in. And I have decided to feature two home tours in a month. Are you excited!! Here’s what I have in my bag today. Enjoy!!UPDATE
Here is an updated video tour of Kapila’s home that I shot in 2018

Today’s home tour is special because it’s from my hometown Indore, where I spent my youth and formative years of life. The city built by Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar is known for its architectural splendors, and mouth-watering culinary delights and is also known as the birthland of vocal Gharana of Indian classical music, Indore Gharana. I can talk endlessly about Indore but then we have a beautiful home to talk about today, so just sit back and relax and enjoy this home tour.

Indian home Tour

This beautiful abode is owned by Kapila and Sonal Banerjee, a couple who are equally enthusiastic about home decor as we are all here at 3D. Kapila is a multifaceted lady who not only has a keen interest in home decorating but also paints very well. Most of the paintings in her home are done by herself. The decor in this home is a beautiful collision of Indian and international cultures. Let’s take a tour of this home as Kapila describes her style, talks about her passion, and a lot more.
Indian Home Tour
Describe your home in just a few words:
Kapila: Bright, vibrant, colourful with life’s nostalgic journey till date.

Whether it’s an apartment or an independent house:
Kapila: It’s an apartment having 2 floors.
It’s area:
Kapila: Our current house is a 1900 sqft having 3 rooms and an independent terrace to ourselves.

Indian Home Tour

Tell us about yourself, your family and location:
Kapila: Proud & blessed mother of twin daughters. Have lived my early childhood at Indore, back during the college days I had very passionate interest in trying my hands at interior designing which led me learning basic through the formal diploma in interior designing. While I could not pursue it as a profession but the interest continued right from the time when I did the décor of my parental house to my own house after marriage. Being happily married to Sonal for nearly 13 years and counting, we have been moving places due to work demands of Sonal from Indore at the start point or marriage and subsequently to Gwalior,Mumbai,and Kolkata within India before going on an overseas trip with livestock and baggage to Kenya, Africa for about 4 years. 
Wall Decor


Though I have returned back with kids to Indore where we have our own house, Sonal continued his overseas stint and works at Yangon, Myanmar. By the way, I worked for more than a decade in various corporate organisations before taking sabbatical due to motherhood taking precedence over work. I am a strong believer of a woman being independent and yet continue to be playing multiple roles as we have been doing for years. Motherhood has given a new meaning to me and which like everyone I have always cherished. 

Indian Decor Ideas
Both I and Sonal have always liked and cherished Indore as a city with middle-class values & vibrancy, weather and its ever changing development landscape. We shall eventually build our own house from the first brick to the décor and guess who shall be in command of our future project ……..
Indian Home Tour
Well, no prizes for guessing, we all know it already and we love how you decorate. Tells us about your decorating style:
Kapila: Playing with colours, artefacts in both vintage & contemporary style and furniture have been the central theme of all my décor. I love fresh plants and flowers all around. 
Indian Home Tour
I have also tried to carry reminiscence of key décor items from each city where I have lived since my marriage so that the décor also has a reflection of my journeys in life till date. 
Indian Decor Ideas
The Buddha in the above picture is from Yangon and the peacocks are from Bangkok street shopping. The wooden box is from Masai Mara Kenya.
Indian Home Tour
Where do you get the inspiration from:
Kapila: My biggest inspiration was in being self-creative in my parents’ house and with Sonal after marriage. Our marital life started with a bare minimum, almost an empty house having just a simple mattresses. Time never stopped since then and both of us have also not stopped our common passion for house collectibles. My daughters aged 8 have also developed a taste for décor of their own room in specific style and a sense of appreciation for any new décor or changes in the house. My close friend Hemal too has also been instrumental in inspiring me in my efforts. 
Indian home Tour
Which is your favourite spot in your home and why:
Kapila: The family room where I spend most of my time with kids and my extended family. Day bed corner is the most comforting zone in the house with natural light and fresh air from the adjoining balcony.
Indian Home Tour
What are your hobbies:
Kapila: Home décor, painting, full-time rearing of my daughters, and finally to be a hopeful small time home décor entrepreneur in the time ahead. 
Please give your valuable advice to décor enthusiast 3D readers:
Kapila: Try new things with earthenware décor, be updated on trends, use fresh plants and flowers and finally it’s not about the size but about the space utility. 
Indian Home Tour

I loved each nook and corner of this tastefully done up home and I am inspired to make some changes in my home too. What about you dear readers, how do you find this home and which one is your favorite room/decor accessory. If you wish to see more of her home check out Kapila’s Instagram feed and Pinterest account.
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See you all soon with a blog on monsoon decor. Stay Tuned!!
P.S. All the images in this article are provided by Kapila Banerjee and subject to copyright. Please do not copy or use them without written permission from Kapila Banerjee. Thank you!

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