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Home Tour: Parul Chaturvedi

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Delhi is known for the fact that it bridges two different worlds, 
it is a quintessential blend of historical past and effervescent present. Today’s guest on my blog hails from Delhi and it goes without saying that her home is a true reflection of this beautiful city, a home that encapsulates old and new in an incredible way. Parul Chaturvedi, a multifaceted person and fauji’s wife takes pride in saying that “my home is a reflection of my creativity.” I met this wonderful lady virtually and with our mutual love for all things design, decor & DIY we instantly became friends. In Parul’s own words, “Having married to an Army Officer, I shift cities every two years and have been staying in different types of government houses. I’ve always been very passionate about my home and interiors. Shifting houses frequently though challenging made me more creative by experimenting at new spaces.”

Let’s tour this urban desi home of Parul and Manish Chaturvedi and learn some wonderful tips and tricks on giving your home an urban desi feel from Parul herself

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3D: What’s your decorating style or a theme that you find yourself gravitating towards?
Parul: My decor style is Urban Desi which is an amalgamation of Modern styling with an ethnic. I keep my style simple and clutter-free since I can’t change the basic structure of the house and the wall color. I change the curtains, rugs, and cushions to give a new feel to the place.

3D: You are a multi-talented lady. Please tell us something about the Ganesha painting collage that is now adorning your foyer.
Parul: I have always been a devout follower of Lord Ganesha. I am an avid collector of Lord Ganesha in all forms and he adorns all corners of my Home. I like to see him in all forms so I have painted singing and dancing Ganeshas.

Indian Decor Ideas
3D: Where do you get the inspiration from?
Parul: My mother has been my inspiration. Right from childhood she inculcated in me and my sisters, a design sensibility and a habit of maintaining the home, be it a habit of gardening, painting, or keeping the entire house decorated.
Brass Decor
3D: You have a great sense of styling. Please share some tips with us.
Indian Decor Ideas


Parul: My furniture is basically light as I have not invested in heavy furniture due to frequent shifting. My décor keeps changing though basic style remains the same, small items keep moving places. I am extremely fond of plants and maintain green space wherever possible.I truly believe that “Home is where the heart is”. Your home reflects your personality.
Indian Decor Ideas
Some tips that I follow are –
– Keep the stuff minimum and clutter free.
– Keep changing the runners, rugs, cushion covers, curtains as per the seasons and festivals to maintain the freshness.
– Keep changing coffee table decor and corners/pockets of your home to give a new look. 
– Maintain greenery by keeping indoor plants. Fresh flowers are essential, they give an immediate face-lift to your home. 
– Go in for monthly cleaning. Buy only what you can maintain.
3D: Paintings in your home are quite pleasing to the senses. How do you select them and is there any particular destination from where you get most of your delightful home accents.


Indian Decor Ideas
Parul: There is no particular shop or place that I can mention here. Since I am a fauji’s wife, we live a transient life. I keep collecting things from different parts of the country which I feel will gel well in my home decor. My décor pieces are the collection of various places we have stayed/visited across the country. I like traditional items with modern furnishings to keep the balance. 
Indian Decor Ideas
3D: Which is the favorite corner of your home where you love to hang out?
Parul: The balcony is my favorite corner. My hubby refers to it as our own private “Lovers Point”, where we enjoy our daily morning tea as it makes us feel close to Mother Nature.
Now who wouldn’t love to have daily morning tea with the better half that too in a personal and such beautiful lover point!!
Indian Decor Ideas
3D: You have a cornucopia of artifacts. Be it brass, wood, silver, or crystal, you have them all. What do you keep in mind when you pick them, bring them home, and give them a place where they look the most enticing.
Indian Decor Ideas
Parul: Mix and match is my decor style. I am a compulsive buyer and whenever I travel I am on the lookout for the traditional handicraft from that place which is eye catching. At times, I buy things first and then figure out where to place them in my home.
Indian Decor Ideas
I have an obsession for metal, especially brass.
Take a look at her astonishing collection of brass……
Indian Decor Ideas
an impressive collection of wooden figurines…
Indian Decor Ideas
a breathtaking collection of crystal artifacts…
Indian Decor Ideas
and stunning collection of glassware!!
Indian Decor Ideas
3D: We loved having you here on 3D. Do you have something to say to my dear readers.
Parul: Creating a beautiful home is not about buying fancy items but it is about creating memories of every house we stayed. I am blessed to have a house with plenty of sunshine and space. I truly believe in the saying “Home is where the heart is”. 
Indian Decor Ideas
She has a keen eye for details and the pockets of her home reflect the same. Who could have thought that ceramics, copper, wood, and steel could create such a beautiful vignette?
Indian Decor Ideas
Indian Decor Ideas
An intricately carved wooden crockery cabinet in her dining is a show stealer. It can enhance the look of any space with great ease. Seen here are eye-pleasing tablescape and vignette created by Parul in the below image.
Ethnic Indian Decor
I am sure that after taking a tour of Parul’s heavenly adobe you are craving for more. No worries!! I have more for you. You haven’t seen Parul’s garden yet and I promise you won’t be disappointed as her garden is dreamlike and can be given the term “fairy garden”.
For a dose of more such eye-candy images of beautiful homes click here.

I hope you have enjoyed this home tour and our conversation as well. Coming up next is an interview with a rising star in the interior design industry. Stay tuned!!

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