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Home Tour: Preethi Prabhu

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Today’s guest on my blog is a person who inspires me in many ways,
a girl after my own heart, the one whom I admire the most in this entire blogging world, and the reasons to admire her are endless. She is the one who never ceases to amaze me with her styling, unique aesthetic sense, and passion for her work. I still remember the day when I participated in a blogging contest and won the most beautiful gift ever “Mr. Gajraj” from her one-of-a-kind store “Indyakaleidoscope”. I am an ardent follower of her blog 

Preethi Prabhu is a well-known name in the Indian design and decor world and needs no introduction.
Here’s a tête-à-tête with Preethi along with a peek inside her tastefully done-up ethnic Indian home.

3D: What’s your design style?

P: It’s very difficult to put a personal style in one particular category. My style is a mix of Eclectic and boho with a big dollop of Indian Ethnic.

3D: I am always amazed to see the way you mix and match patterns. Do you have any mantra for that?

Ethnic Indian Bedroom

P: This can be turned into a post series, coz so much can be said and done about it. I don’t think there are any rules to it, even if there are, they can be broken. 

The safest bet is having an accent color and repeating shades and textures throughout in tiny bits. ( if you have a solid color accent wall, use a little of that color in your cushion cover pattern, decoratives, etc.)

3D: Can you please share some tips on giving home an ethnic look?
P: I think Indian ethnic is all about colours, patterns,  arts and crafts. Use block prints on your curtains and other soft furnishings. If you want a larger impact, upholster a sofa in an ethnic fabric (let it make a statement alone, don’t crowd it will throw pillows). Use crafts for function and aesthetic. (A brass bowl to hold your fruits, exposed light bulbs covered with leather shades.) The possibilities are endless 🙂

3D: I have seen eye candy images of your home and office walls. They look unique and extraordinary. How do you dress up the walls?

Indian Gallery wall


P: My house is a “work in progress” at all times. I am never finished. When we decided to repaint, I went for white everywhere in the house. That was my blank canvas to start with. I looked at everything that I had collected and grouped them together to make gallery walls at different places. I had a collection of art posters, masks from Asia and Africa and artwork that has doors or windows in them. Even having a lamp that throws interesting shadows on the wall is better than bare walls. Life is too short to live with bare walls. 

Her design sensibilities showcase an eclectic mix of custom and selective pieces
Don’t you find the idea of frameless pictures visually appealing. I would love to give it a try.
Who could have thought the inclusion of a ‘home quote’ in such a different and beautiful way?

Preethi is a pro when it comes to decorating with different elements. She puts together wood, brass, and stone in the most beautiful way that is pleasing to the eye. The wooden mirror as seen in the below image works as a statement piece, Brass diyas in varied heights are clubbed together and stone sculptures add the old world charm.

And here is a wall full of masks, a real treat to the eyes. Masks in the most exciting shapes and colors to entice the visitors. Which one is your favorite 🙂
Ethnic Indian Home
I can’t get enough of Preethi’s home and wish to visit her in person someday. I am sure you all must have enjoyed this home tour. Below are the links where you can connect with Preethi and enjoy her beautiful posts every day:
Are you tempted to see more such beautiful and ethnic Indian homes then here is a list
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Home Tour: Windya WardhaniSigning off for the weekend. See you all lovely people in the new week with something new on the blog.

Have a happy weekend!!
P.S. All the images are Preethi’s property and are subject to copyright. Please do not use it without her permission.

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