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How To Incorporate Terracotta Decorative Items In Home Decor

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Terracotta is a hard semi semi-fired waterproof ceramic clay used for making vases, pots, figurines, lanterns, and lots of decor items. It really doesn’t matter how you use them around your house they will definitely enhance the beauty of your space. Here are some inspiring images that can give you some hints and clues about how to incorporate them well into your home decor.

Lanterns and diffusers can look wonderful if placed right in a home or garden. A diffuser placed near a Buddha statue or in a tray with some greenery looks pleasant.
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Lantern: Whether colorful or plain a terracotta lantern can be hung against bright-colored walls and the result will be mesmerizing.

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Terracotta pots are not only meant for growing plants. Want to see what else can you do with them?

Fill small terracotta pots with wax and use them as candles placed in groups.  You will love the warmth they will create.
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You can place a terracotta tree in your garden to support climbing plants. Yes, it can work as a trellis and it certainly will enhance the beauty of your garden.

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Aged terracotta pots placed anywhere in the garden look elegant.

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Vases of different heights can be placed in corners in a group.

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They can be of different shapes too……….

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Grow plants in different shapes of pots and then club them.

Image Source: Click Here
Hanging a terracotta wind chime outdoors is the best way to make your outdoors gorgeous.
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And last but not least a plate full of terracotta is what I want now :))))

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