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Indian Art Gallery Wall: Gond Painting

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The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated. And I would like to thank my dear readers for satiating my craving. Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is definitely not a good thing so I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for making my blogging journey all the more special and beautiful. I got an overwhelming response when I announced that I was creating an “Indian Art Gallery Wall” and posted the first painting in this series in my previous post. In case you missed going through that post here is a link for you.

Here is the second painting in my Indian Art Gallery Wall series and it’s Gond Painting.

Indian Art Gallery Wall
Gond art is a famous art form of central India i.e. Madhya Pradesh. Gondi or Gond Tribe are Dravidian people and they are the second largest tribe in central India. In Dravidian language “kond” means “green mountains” and it is where the word “Gond” comes from.
Indian Art Gallery Wall
Gond paintings depict local flora, fauna and gods. Celebrations, rituals, everyday life and nature is the main theme of this art form. Dots and lines are the main characteristics of Gond painting. Hence I chose to draw birds and used lots of lines and dots to fill the figures.
Indian Art Gallery Wall
First, I drew the design on the canvas and then filled the shapes/figures with solid colours. Next was the fun part of filling the shapes with lines and dots in different colours.
Indian Art Gallery Wall
Bright colours used in Gond paintings impart beauty to the paintings and I used them in abundance to make my Gond painting striking.
Indian Art Gallery Wall
Did you notice the branches forming the shape of a heart and giving shelter to two little birdies inside it. That’s my favourite part of the painting. What did you like the most in my Gond painting!!

If you are looking for the Gond Painting video tutorial then click here. Below is my hand-drawn Gond Design in printable format for all those who can’t draw.

Below are some images after I filled color in it.
Indian Folk Painting
Indian Folk Painting
Indian Folk Painting
Indian Folk Painting
In my next post, I will be coming up with the paintings I have already painted some time ago. Stay tuned!!
Till then you can check out the images I share on my Instagram account.

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  1. Ma'am you have made a beautiful painting I also want to learn acrylic painting from you because your method is very good. Will u teach me?

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