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Indian Art Gallery Wall: Madhubani Painting

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Hello dear readers!!
We bid adieu to our beloved Ganesha yesterday and the day was filled with a flurry of activities. But somehow I managed to write this blog as I want to complete this series as soon as possible so that we can do some festive DIYs too.
Here is my Madhubani painting, the fourth one in my Indian Art Gallery Wall series. You can read the complete story of this Madhubani painting here. 
Indian Art
Madhubani paintings originated in Sita’s birthplace Mithila region of Bihar hence these paintings are called Mithila paintings too. In the olden days, women in the villages used to draw these paintings on the walls. Gradually the paintings started crossing the national and international boundaries and became famous.
Indian Art
These days it is made on almost all surfaces like clothes, walls, canvases, pots, and furniture. Figures drawn in Madhubani need not be sharp and well-defined. The theme mostly revolves around Hindu deities.
I painted it on a drawing sheet and chose fishes and turtles as main figures for my Madhubani painting.
Indian Art Gallery Wall

Colours are obtained from nature like the black colour is made by mixing soot in cow dung. But these days acrylic and oil colours are used. Unlike Mural paintings no shading is needed in Madhubani paintings instead, figures are filled with lines and geometrical patterns.
I used natural dyes to fill the main figures though I used acrylic to fill the background.

Indian Art

Did you like it!! Let me know what you think about my Madhubani painting.
In the evening I will publish the blog on my Warli painting. Stay tuned!!

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