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Indian Art Gallery Wall: Mural Painting

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Here is the third painting in my Indian Art Gallery Wall series and it’s a Mural painting.
Many of you were waiting desperately to see it. I painted this a few months ago(Check out here) and sharing it now. Below is the video to watch the tutorial of another Mural Painting I shared on my YouTube channel.

Mural is an age-old art form having roots in Kerala, India. Mural paintings are usually drawn on the walls of temples and churches. Though gradually the paintings made their way into houses too.

Indian Art Form
Rich colors and delicate designs make Mural paintings awe-inspiring. The theme of the paintings are inspired by Hindu mythology and mainly the figures of gods and goddesses are drawn. Sometimes bird like peacock can also be seen as the main subject. I chose peacock because I have already painted an elephant in Kalamkari, birds in Gond and fishes in Madhubani.
Indian Art Gallery wall
Some main colors that are used in Mural paintings are white, black, yellow, green, red and blue. Each character in the painting is given color based on its virtue. To read more about it click here.
Indian Art Gallery Wall
I drew the sketch first and outlined it with black acrylic color. Then I began to fill color with lighter color first followed by darker shades for shading. I completed this Mural painting in two sittings and totally enjoyed painting it.
Indian Art form

Hope you all liked my Mural painting as much as you liked my Kalamkari & Gond paintings.
I’ll be coming up with Madhubani and Warli back to back tomorrow so keep watching this space.

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