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Indian Art Gallery Wall Reveal

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I have been working on transforming one of the walls in my living room since last year and
it’s time for the big REVEAL!!

Yes, it took me quite a long to give a makeover to the focal wall in my living room and it’s due to the fact that I have so many things to do and sometimes I find it really hard to manage everything single-handedly. Now coming to the wall decor, I have this focal wall in my living room that makes the first impression as one enters the home. So I decided to decorate it in a way that reflects my love for my country India and its rich cultural heritage. I think I did justice to the wall and was able to bring out the true essence of India which is happy, warm, vibrant, and inviting.
Before we go ahead and read the entire story, I request you to watch the video below that I shot especially for 3D readers, and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe it will give me immense pleasure to connect with y’all there too. I am coming up with one more useful video quite soon 🙂

I hope you enjoyed watching the video. Now let’s move on to the story of this transformation. First I will show you the before image of the same wall. It will give you an idea of how my design sensibilities have improved and how my decorating style has evolved over the time and how a simple change in wall decor can make all the difference in overall look and feel of the space. Below is a before picture of the same wall.

Wall Decor

Here is a recent look did I spend a fortune in decorating this wall? No, not at all!! I am a huge fan of DIYs and my eternal love for Indian art forms led me to paint all these exquisite folk paintings which cost me nothing the only money I spent in decorating this wall was getting all the paintings framed which cost me around 1k bucks!! Yes, so I spent only 1k in giving a makeover to this wall. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

[My OCD is making me restless after realising that one of the frames in the below image is a bit tilted and how I want to fix it]

Wall Decor

Here is one more old shot from a different angle.
Gallery Wall Ideas
And here is the recent one from the same angle as above. Yes, you noticed it right, I have given a makeover to my sofas also and it turned out pretty well too.

Wall Decorating Ideas

The color burst that these paintings have added to my living room gives me the opportunity to play with colors and quite often I just pick a few colors from the paintings and match them with the cushions for a beautifully color-coordinated and well-composed look of the room. Don’t you agree!
Wall Decor
If you are craving for more wall decor ideas click right here.
That’s all from me. Coming up next is an extremely beautiful home tour so stick around!!
Happy Decorating!!
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