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Indian Art Gallery Wall: Warli Painting

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I am so happy that my “Indian Art Gallery Wall” is taking shape beautifully. You have already seen four different Indian folk paintings that I have painted for the gallery wall. Here is the fifth one, Warli painting of Maharashtra.

I love and admire all Indian art forms but Warli is the one that gave me lots of opportunities to enhance my skills, to interact with different creative and intellectual people, and to excel in the creative field.

Indian Art
I made this Warli painting three years ago. After I published the images of my First Warli Painting, one of my readers from the USA found a certain part of the painting so moving that he wanted me to paint and sell that painting to him. I painted the same and sent him happily. Below is the image of that painting.
Indian Art form
After that, I received another request from one of my blog readers to paint Warli on her balcony walls and that was quite an interesting, adventurous, and fun project. You can check out the complete project of Warli wall painting here. Below is the image of that warli wall painting.
Indian Art
Warli is the simplest and most beautiful Indian art form. It was introduced by warli tribe of northern Maharashtra. Warli means “a piece of land” and this art is inspired by nature. The style of the painting is very simple. Only geometrical shapes are drawn to make figures, like circles for the head, triangles for the body, and lines for the limbs.
Indian Art
The theme of warli painting unlike the rest of the Indian art forms isn’t based on mythology. Instead, it depicts day-to-day life and celebrations. I chose a marriage celebration in a village as the theme of my warli painting.
Indian Art Gallery Wall
Warli isn’t complete without some birds, huts, trees, carts and villagers performing everyday tasks like farming, pottery, getting water from the well, feeding chickens, cooking, grinding grains in grinding stone and kids playing around, a complete village scene that gives this art its true essence.
Indian Art

My collection of various Indian folk paintings is growing fast and I am getting lovely messages, words of praise and encouragement from my dear readers. Thanks to you all for your love and encouragement.
Keep watching this space for more!!
Have a lovely Sunday!

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