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Indian Homes

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I love everything about our country India. The food, people, festivals, different languages, various art forms and most importantly beautifully done homes that emanate warmth. Recently I was looking for some Indian home decor inspiration on my Venue tab and found some fascinating images. Sharing some of the eye candies straight from my Dell Venue tab.
Isn’t this a mesmerizing corner with all the Buddha heads in different sizes clubbed together with other statues and idols?
Buddha Head
Image Source: Click Here

I really liked the distressed wood cabinet in this Asian home.

Indian Decor
Image Source: Click Here
One more beautiful cabinet. Did you notice how beautifully Ivy is placed here?
Indian Rustic Cabinet
Image Source: Click Here

Low seating, carved arches, and portraits add the touch of Mughal decor

Indian Inspired Decor
Image Source: Click Here
The simplicity of this India-inspired bedroom is what makes it a feast for the eyes.
India Inspired Decor
Image Source: Click Here

Now who doesn’t want a nook like this one? So vibrant and looks so comfy.

Image Source: Click Here

Flooring, seating and picture wall add wow factor in this room. Agree…!!

Indian Decor Inspiration
Image Source: Click Here
Oh I have so many eye candies but will share them later. Giving some rest to my Venue tab as it has worked a lot and helped me in blogging a lot.
See you all very soon with a very special home tour 🙂 Stay tuned!!

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