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Indian Textile: Part 1 (East & North Indian textile)

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I am so happy to know that a lot of my blog readers from different countries love to read and know about Indian Art and its culture on my blog. Some of them sent me emails to appreciate my efforts and they wanted to explore more about my country. So here I am with more about a country that is very rich in culture, traditions, and heritage ‘INDIA’. Today I am sharing about exquisite Indian textiles. Textiles from different parts of India that are famous across the globe.

Cashmere From Kashmir: 
Cashmere is soft fabric made of wool that is obtained from Kashmir goats Capra Hircus. These goats have double fleece and Cashmere is obtained from the soft undercoat specially from the neck and belly region of the goat that is considered as best quality cashmere. Cashmere fabric is very strong, soft and light weight and is used to make different kind of clothing. This fabric is also known as Pashmina (Pashm is Persian/Urdu word for wool). Due to painstaking process of collecting fibers and weaving yarns, cashmere garments are very expensive. Most popular are Jamavar Shawls with famous paisley pattern.

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Banarasi Brocade:
Banaras or Varanasi is famous for its brocade. This city is one of the rich weaving center in India. Brocade is a shuttle woven fabric. Banarasi brocade is completely distinct where patterns are created in weaving by transfixing the patterned thread (specially gold and silver thread) between warp that is mainly colored silk. If gold and silver thread is weaved so densely that the ground is almost invisible then this kind of fabric is called kinkhab and it becomes very heavy is only suitable for furnishing and upholstery.  Thus brocade pattern that is scattered all over the silk is suitable for clothing and is called true brocade.

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Muslin Of Bengal:
Muslin is fine cotton textile of Bengal. Bengal handloom industry is renowned for its cotton textile. Muslin is loosely woven cotton fabric and known as ‘woven-air’ due to its finer quality. It is an unbleached white cotton cloth. Hand woven muslin of Dacca was the most famous one but weavers migrated from Dacca to India practiced and mastered the technique in Bengal. Because muslin is very light and airy it is suitable for hot and dry climate.

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This post is a short introduction to a few famous Indian textiles. I will elaborate on each one later.
I love all of them, do you?

Stay Tuned!!!


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  1. I have a black shawl fro Kashmir and I luv it!!! Nothing as soft as that wool. It has hand worked crewel embroidery on it and I just treasure it so.
    Thanks for sharing..
    Hugs, Gee

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