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Inspiring Eminent Artist: Shilpa Singh

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It’s time again to meet one more inspiring artist here on 3D. I met her during one exhibition, the stall that caught all my attention and I got lost looking at her fabulously done paintings was the stall of this wonderful artist who amazed each and every visitor with her excellent artwork. Please welcome Shilpa Singh, a woman of many talents. Over to Shilpa:

My name is Shilpa Singh a homemaker and I do have an interest in making Paintings and sketches. I make various kinds of paintings like:
Pencil Sketches where you sketch and shade with the help of pencils. This can be a portrait or any natural scene. Just black and white. 
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Madhubani painting is a style of Indian painting, practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar state. Madhubani paintings mostly depict the men & their association with nature and the scenes & deities from the ancient epic.

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Orissa Paintings which depicts inspiration behind the Pattachitra Paintings is the beautiful ancient murals painted on the walls of temples.

Kangra Painting finest artwork from Himanchal Pradesh themes of eternal love between Radha and Krishna. Also, Kangra paintings depict feminine charm in a very graceful manner. The beauty of females with sharp features and colorful dresses with pearl ornaments is defined beautifully. 

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Lastly, Canvas Paintings show great combinations of color with different figures relating to mood and atmosphere. 

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Thank you so much Shilpa for sharing with us about your passion. I have seen all her paintings and I must say she is a very talented artist on a multitude of levels and truly has an eye for detail. 
Do you like her artwork then leave your comment below or shoot an email at [] and she would be happy to answer your queries. She can create a piece of work, especially for you. If you have something in mind just let her know and she will be ready to shape your dreams.
Have you met some more inspiring artists on my blog earlier…no then click here. Enjoy reading about artists and get inspired 🙂


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