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Inspiring Eminent Artist: Vaishali Rastogi

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Artist feature on Design Decor & Disha after a long time and trust me you will not believe that artwork done by this artist is actually a 3D quilling. Let me first introduce you to an amazing quilling artist Vaishali Rastogi. She left me speechless, I am really unable to describe her distinct style, intricate work, and painstaking process involved in making every piece and hence Vaishali herself is enlightening us about her art.
I am Vaishali Rastogi, a 3D quilling artist. Thank you Disha for featuring me in your blog.
I was born and brought up in Meerut, U.P., and got married in 2013 in Lucknow- the city of my present stay.
Since childhood, I was very fond of arts and crafts. 
It was in my Chartered Accountancy (CA) finals when I realized my passion for handicrafts. Not being much interested in CA, I dropped it and joined a one-year diploma in arts and crafts from Delhi.
I first saw a YouTube video on quilling while searching for something and got extremely fascinated by it. So, I decided to try it.
My first quilling creation was a 2D Photo Frame here is the image…..
 The second time I tried a 3D form of Kathakali Dancer and this too came out really well. Have a look….

Since then, I have kept on striving to explore myself more in this art form.
I can share from my experience, that Quilling itself is a time-consuming technique. Doing it in 3D with extremely intricate detailing really takes a lot of patience, time, concentration, and hard work. I put all my efforts and try to give more than 100% in every project and finalize it only when I am completely satisfied.
Completing a 3D project, like the ones I have made, takes me around 2 months working an average of 5-6 hours daily. Talking about my future endeavors, I want to achieve excellence in 3D quilling and want to see myself as one of the best Quilling artists.

Everyone is invited to visit my Facebook page named “Kagaz Kala Creations by Vaishali”.
You can get in touch with me for any queries and feedback on Facebook or through my e-mail 
She is truly a blessed artist. I am amazed by her energy and dedication to her work. One more reason to love Handmade. If you also love handmade then don’t forget to visit her Facebook page and spread some love by liking her page. 
Coming up next on the blog is a website that is a combination of some most surfed websites on the internet. Exciting yaa!!

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