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Inspiring Eminent Bloggers: Suganthi

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The blogger who is with us today is Suganthi who blogs over at Daydreams. Suganthi is a very talented Quilling artist and has been blogging about this art for more than three years now. Her each and every quilling project is unique and looks masterpiece. You have to see it to believe it. 

Welcome Suganthi, I am very excited to have you here on Design Decor & Disha. Please let us know a little more about you.
I am a stay-at-home mother of two teenage boys. I studied to be a computer engineer, and after my marriage I started to explore my aptitude for arts and crafts.

When and how you realize your passion for Quilling?
While looking for a tutorial on Folding Trees website I found a tutorial for a quilled snowflake, I fell in love with quilling that instant, the simplicity of the shapes and the materials used drew me to it. I found even my first pieces being admired and that got me started.

Quilled Floral Pattern

Can you talk about what prompted you to start the blog? In what ways has blogging affected your Quilling?
I and my son one day in December  2009 just started a blog and posted my first two works just for fun, since starting a blog is so easy, I did not take it seriously until other bloggers started appreciating my work and following me, Blogging has helped me learn so much in such a short time from other bloggers and from my own experiments. Every quiller has a unique style and brings something fresh to quilling that no one book can give. It is a great learning experience.

Quilled Daisies
What are the tools you use for Quilling.
There are so many new tools for quillers today, I used a slotted tool for rolling but my favorite is a needle tool. I use a needle tool for all my favorite projects. 
3D Quilling

Of all your Quilling projects which one is your favorite and why.

My Quilled Durga is my most favorite, it was not easy but I am most happy with it. It is so far my biggest project.
What are the future projects you will be doing.
There are so many techniques which I am yet to try, I would like to do more quillography like my New year post.
What other then Quilling you love to do in your spare time.
I like to read books, sew, learn to crochet and story telling .
Please share the links where we can find your Art work and where my blog readers can get connected with you.
This is where I blog, you can also find me on Facebook 
Spring Flowers
Which blogs inspire you and you love to visit them regularly.
Ann Martin’s  is my greatest inspiration. Ann features great paper artists and she is also my quilling inspiration. 
Last but not the least, as everyone dreams of being something in life, what you have dreamed of.
I dream of quilling big frame works. I love making quilled jewelry. I would love to grow in that direction .
Thank you Suganthi for being with us. I wish you all the best for your future and may all your wish come true. Now a request to my blog readers to visit Suganthi’s lovely blog and shower your love by following and commenting.

Now time to show how I got inspired by Suganthi. Sharing image of a quilled heart, more about this in my next post so stay tuned. 

Image: mine


P.S. All images are Suganthi’s and are subject to copyright.

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7 Responses

  1. Nice insight into the life of a talented quilling artist. This is a really nice feature Disha, have liked Suganthi's works personally and here is one of the lovely DIY guest post she did for Craftsia.

  2. these paperquilled pieces of art are absolutley gorgeous!!!! I can say I've never see anything quite so elaborate.Really stunning work.Thanks so much for the lovely interview and art.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these paper quilled pieces of art from your guest blogger. What beautiful work. I would love to do something like that on a smaller scale. Such an inspiring post!

  4. Wow…Very nice feature. Suganthi's works are always a great inspiration to quiller community…Love all ur works for the perfection and neatness 🙂

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