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Living Room Makeover With A Mural Wallpaper

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 Hello, my creative tribe!

We are doing a wallpaper wall once again. Since many of you just loved the outcome of the previous wall makeover with wallpaper, I thought let’s do it one more time. So we have a Photowall wallpaper again and this time my parents’ living room wall to transform. Let’s get started!

Before & After

Photowall is a fully digital Swedish company that thinks of a wall as a huge blank canvas and gives its customers the opportunity to be creative and fill that empty canvas with colors and imaginations of their own. They can customize and print all the unique orders instantly. Their Mural wallpapers are a delight and I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to order one for my parents’ living room. Also, how can I forget about you, my dear readers. Here’s a special offer for all 3D readers.  If you wish to buy any product from Photowall, you can use code dishapw2021 when you checkout, this code will give you a 25% discount on any product on the Photowall website and is valid for a month. Happy shopping guys! 

Now let me show you what my parents chose. 


Alright! After placing the order, we got the update from Photowall immediately that the wallpaper is being printed and will be dispatched soon. We received the wallpaper within a week’s time. It was then time to open the package and unroll the beauty. I would suggest you order a wallpaper kit along with the wallpaper as it will make the wallpaper installation much easier. It has all the tools that are needed to hang the wallpaper.

Wallpaper Kit

You will find all the instructions from cutting to applying the wallpaper on an information leaflet that comes with the wallpaper. The wallpaper comes in a roll that had a total of 8 tiles each marked with the serial number and the picture of the mural. The very first step is to unroll the wallpaper and separate each tile by cutting along the dashed line. Once separated, it can then be placed in order to see how it would look.

Next, we prepared the adhesive. All the instructions were given on the adhesive pack. So it wasn’t rocket science for us. Once the glue was ready all we needed to do was apply it either on the wall or on the back of the wallpaper using a paste brush. Spread the glue evenly and in an amount that doesn’t make the wallpaper soggy. The better option is to apply the paste to the wall. But we wanted to do it differently this time so we opted for the second option. 

How to hang wallpaper


The wallpaper can be pasted either from bottom to top or vice versa. Previously, I did it from top to bottom so tried to do it from bottom to top this time. Press the wallpaper gently and use a wallpaper brush to smoothen it. Keep a rag handy to wipe off the adhesive that might ooze from the edge of the wallpaper. The extra wallpaper can be cut off using the trim guide and knife that come with the kit. Move on to sticking the second wallpaper and follow all the steps mentioned before. Keep repeating the steps until all the tiles are hanged. 

Once done wipe the wallpaper with a damp cloth so that there isn’t any trace of the adhesive on the wallpaper otherwise dried adhesive will suppress the shine of the wallpaper and will make the print look dull. Now let me show you how it turned out.

Photowall Mural Wallpaper
I absolutely loved the warmth and ethnic touch that the wallpaper has added to the living room. Below are some before and after images for you to see the difference. Below is the before image.
And here is the after image.
I hope you liked the transformation. Let me know your views in the comment section and as away if you have any queries regarding the Photowall wallpaper. I would be happy to answer. I am sure you would be using my code to make the most of this opportunity!!!
That’s all for today. I will see you with another transformation or a DIY.
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