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Moment Of Creativity, Togetherness & Love

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Sometimes my son & I just pick up brushes and colors and get lost in creating some memory. Here I have to say that he isn’t a good artist it’s just that we want to spend some quality time with each other. I so love that time of togetherness, creativity, fond memories, and loads of love 🙂
I gave him brush & color for the first time when he was two years old (a little late I guess) and let him do whatever he wanted….
and this is what he came up with………..
First painting by my son

He found it very interesting. Slowly I introduced him to different types of painting……. thread painting, spray painting & many other. This one is thread painting that he did without my assistance a year ago when he was three & half year old. These paintings fascinated him a lot and he started taking more interest in learning different styles of painting. Sadly his spray painting is missing 🙁 which I would say was far more better than all these paintings.

Thread painting done by my son

Then I gave him liberty to touch and play with my poster colors and see the result……isn’t it looking like modern art done by a very polished artist (just kidding). He dipped brush in green color then blue, then black then brown and soon all my color bottles were in same color that was black with hint of blue, green and brown :(((

My son’s poster color painting
One day I decided to assist him and tried to do something more creative than usually we do. I tore few colored paper into small pieces, drew outline on a page and told him to stick all those papers in mosaic pattern. He completed it nicely & it turned out as pretty as I had thought. Now this sure going to be framed and will beautify my son’s room 🙂 Proud moment for a mommy :)))))

I am keeping a journal of everything he creates and just love to peek into it every now and then.
I so want to hear from you. Please share your views here…!!!

Keep Creating!!!


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  1. These are all beautiful treasures of your son's expression. How wonderful to expose him to all these different ways of making marks and letting him be free with it! Happy PPF!

  2. My Dad kept all of my artwork that I created as a child. He bound all the drawings into binders and created a library of my works. As a child it was really special to have my pieces in a book format. I know that your son will appreciate you keeping his artwork for him. I look forward to following you here.

  3. I have a big folder of my daughter's work from the time she was little through to her teenage years… it is so treasured and thanks for sharing these… they are simply joyful…xx

  4. How I wish I had thought to do that with my children! We did have a chance at it with our granddaughter from when she was about 3. The mosaic is wonderful. He is very talented.

  5. Oh, that journal will be such a wonderful memory for him when he is older (and for you!) Those thread paintings look very interesting, how is that done?

  6. It is so fun to see children create – they are curious and love to learn – without any critical voice telling them they are no good. All the pieces are terrific – but I must say I really love that string art. HPPF

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