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Moroccan Interiors

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Today I’m going to show you some Moroccan eye candies. In recent days, Moroccan-style decorating has become very popular. This style of decorating is exotic and elegant. Located between Europe and Africa, Morocco has European, African and Persian influences. Moroccan decor is a perfect blend of styles from France, Spain, Portugal, Africa, Persia and has Mediterranean and Islamic influences.
Morocco is a warm and dry country so Moroccans love to bring outdoors in and their houses are pots of exotic plants. Main elements that play a key role in Moroccan interiors are vibrant colors, intricate work on wooden furniture, mosaic products, carpets, pottery and lamps.
Here is how you can achieve Moroccan look for your home:
Furniture: In this Moroccan style of decorating furniture is mostly made of wood. Seating is usually set low to the ground. Choose furniture that has an intricate design on it. Wooden furniture has designs of mosaic tiles on them. On center table place brass or copper trays to serve food or to display some decor accents.
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Furnishings: Use fabric that is luxurious and rich in colors and to add texture use it everywhere, drape it on furniture, windows and even on the ceiling. Four or five cushions aren’t enough, use them in abundance and choose cushions and throw pillows that are vibrant and with intricate designs and patterns. Rich colours play a vital role in Moroccan style decorating hence the rugs, cushions, throws and drapes should be in vibrant hues.

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Walls:Color is the main element if you want to achieve a particular look for your home. Choose vibrant colors for the walls like fuchsia, red, orange, blue, green, shimmering gold or silver. Walls in textured terracotta is the important element of Moroccan style decor. This blue room conjures up the images of Atlantic and Mediterranean sea and give the space a perfect Moroccan vibe.

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Walls of this orange room is evoking the image of the sunset in Africa.

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Floors: Floors should be wooden, ceramic or terracotta ones. If you are opting for a wooden floor then it should be hard and dark in color to achieve Moroccan look. Use plush Persian or Asian carpets and rugs in abundance and stack floor cushions to create perfect Moroccan ambiance.

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Lighting:Morocco is known for its dim, soft lights and variety of handmade lamps. Use lamps and pendants that have carved wood, colored glasses and metal frames. Put aroma candles in them to create a romantic ambiance.

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Accessories:Accessories give a complete look to any decorating style and if we are talking about Moroccan style then there have to be lots of accessories. Use mirrors in different sizes and shapes to reflect light and to adorn walls. Bring in exotic flora in large and colorful pots or baskets. Use ceramic pots in rich colors on the dining table and center table or even hang some ceramic plates on the wall. Lamps with intricate designs and stained glass create a quintessential Moroccan look.

Eclectic Living Room by Los Angeles Home StagingMadison Modern HomeTry using these simple tips to achieve that perfect Moroccan look you were looking for.  Leaving you with all these Moroccan eye candies 🙂
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Happy Decorating!!!

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