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My Artwork That I Love

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Today I am sharing some of my artworks that I totally love. Some of these I had done long ago
and some I did recently, some are still with me and some are sold.
The jewelry below is paper jewelry. Beads are made out of colorful magazine pages. The butterfly pendant is quilling work. It has been gifted to dear ones.
Quilled Jewelry
Quilled Jewelry

This is the first time I made heena on candles though I’ve made it on hands many times. Surprisingly it turned out very well and praised by all and sundry. They are with me and adorning my coffee table.

Aroma Candles

I love to do newspaper craft. These newspaper coasters turned out unexpectedly beautiful and liked by one and all. They are sold and I got a few more orders.

Paper Craft
Paper Craft
Last year I made a lot of tea light candles. To beautify them a little more I made pistachio shell lotus around them. It is with me and it also gets the attention of every guest.
Pistachio Shell craft

Well, that’s not all, I love everything that I have made to date. You can see My Artwork & DIY projects here.

Tell me, among all these which one is your favorite and why 🙂
Happy Crafting!!!

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