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My Home Office/ Workspace

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Today I will be showing you my workspace and telling you story how it came into existence.
I have always wanted a place in my home dedicated to my creative work and blogging. I began my blogging career sitting on a sofa and for my creative work I worked wherever there was a space. But as my creative business and blogging started expanding, I needed a home office or workspace or you can call it a studio. I believe that if you are working from home then it is very important to have a workspace to be focused and productive.

I have been wanting to create my workspace since long. My husband gave me that much-needed push and suggested me to create my own workspace in an alcove in my living room. So I was ready to create a space that reflects who I am and what I want to be. I have a minimalist aesthetic, so I wanted clean edges and neat look for my workspace. I didn’t want to get stuck with a particular style. I surround myself with the things I love, no matter if they are vintage, contemporary or kitsch. I love to mix things and put them together. Here is a before and after picutre of the place.

The first step to create my workspace was to know what are the things that I already have and the things that I will need. I already had a desk, chair, art supplies, my artwork and some beautiful knick-knacks. Things that I needed were few storage units and wall unit to display my artwork, a table lamp for when there is no natural light and a key holder because all my keys were lying on my desk earlier and were giving it an ugly look.
Now I was ready with a list of the stuff that I needed for my workspace. I love online shopping and I have always been selective about the online shopping portals from where I shop my stuff, so I did all the research and found out that Flipkart’s home store section has the best collection of all home goods at best prices. I browsed through different categories and then found a beautiful and very elegant looking wall shelf to display my artwork and knick-knacks to beautify my workspace.
There were vast variety of wall shelves available on Flipkart. I was totally confused so I bought two wall shelves. When things are well organised, it really helps the creative juices flow. These wall shelves were a perfect addition to my home office. Up on the wall shelf are trophies won by my husband. These trophies not only make me proud wife every time I look at them but also boost my positive energy.

See all my stuff is so well organised and my workspace is emanating a lot of positivity. Some of my recent reads are on the shelf. Whenever I have some spare time in my hand, I read them again.
With the onset of summers, there is beach theme going on in my home. Did you spot all the conchs and shells.

Next I hunted for nice table lamp in Flipkart’s home store section and found out the one that was a perfect fit for my workspace. They have a lovely collection of table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces. I spent a lot of time gazing all the beautiful products there.

I checked out dimensions of the table lamp that were given on Flipkart and it was exactly the same I wanted for my workspace. And see my decision was right. The lamp is looking beautiful on my desk.

To be more organised, I thought of buying a key holder too. The moment I saw this beautifully carved wooden key holder on Flipkart’s home store section I just wanted it. It has a vintage charm. Not only vintage, Flipkart has modern, classic and funky kind of key holders too. I just loved mine, it’s going really well with everything else there in my workspace.

Added some personal touch to my home office with my handmade nameplate for my desk.

I loved the overall look of my home office. It’s full of positivity and warmth. For me, it is a little slice of heaven. All thanks to Flipkart for turning my dream into reality. Would be buying some more stuff from Flipkart for my son’s room makeover.
Stay tuned!!

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