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One Good Thing For Your Home

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Hello World!!
How is the weather treating you? I am enjoying the last of the winter sun in my part of the world
and trying to infuse more warm colors around me. 
I told you in my previous blog (Anamika’s Home Tour) that I have One Good Thing for you so here it is- a set of new cushions for my living room.
One Good Thing
How do you like these cushions? I liked them for two reasons; one is that the embroidery on the cushions is the famous tangible cultural heritage of India called Toda Embroidery, which quenches my thirst for incorporating Indian art forms in my home decor and the second is that it is a product from a brand launched by a woman entrepreneur Chitra Ghildiyal. Let’s meet the brain behind the brand called ‘One Good Thing‘ and learn more about the woman entrepreneur and her brand. 
Indian Decor Ideas
Chitra: I am a designer of home decor and furnishings products with the brand name ‘One Good Thing‘. Taking a hint from my enthusiasm towards fine fabrics, handwork, arts, history and home decor, I quit my job as a communication specialist and started One Good Thing in June 2016. One Good Thing offers distinctive home furnishing pieces inspired and influenced by the heritage arts, cultures, history and people from around the world.
Most of the fabric,  dyes, other material and handy work used on One Good Thing is sourced from different parts of Rajasthan and is done by skilled craftsmen from interiors of the state. 
Bedding and Cushions
Image Credit: One Good Thing
Our products are available on,,, and Mora Taara stores in Mumbai and Gurgaon.
Now you know if you choose furnishing from a brand like One Good Thing, you not only support the artisans of India but also do your bit to empower the women of India. Not to mention your support
#MakeInIndia campaign too.
Living Room Decor
Now let’s know more about Toda Embroidery!
The toda is a pastoral tribe of  Nilgiris(Ooty) of Tamilnadu. Toda embroidery is also known as ‘Poothkuli‘, ‘Torhbohr‘, or ‘Pukhoor‘. It is an artwork done by toda women. Toda embroidery is usually done with red and black threads on white cotton cloth and the design is made by counting the threads using the reverse stitch method. Usually, geometric pattern is made by counting warp and weft in the cloth. Patterns of Toda embroidery are inspired by nature, for example, the Sun, Moon, animals, reptiles, and rabbit ears. Out of practice, Toda women produce the design without even tracing the pattern on the cloth. Embroidered fabric can be used from both sides.
Embroidered fabric is worn by both Toda men and women as a traditional garment. Toda embroidery fabric is liked and purchased by lots of foreigners who visit Ooty. Toda tribe is proud of their heritage!!
One Good Thing
Chitra has graciously sent me a set of these beautiful Toda embroidery cushions and I paired these celery Ice green cushions with a burnt sienna cushion and throw. The fabric of these cushions is linen and its quality is excellent. To add a bit of drama I covered the sofa with the patterned fabric in black and burnt sienna which complements both cushions and throws and creates a pulled-together look.
One Good Thing Furnishing
If you liked the products you saw here please check out the links to One Good Thing’s social media platforms:
One Good Thing Furnishing
I am taking a break from blogging as I need to concentrate on some other more important things in my life but I’ll be back for sure so stick around 🙂
Happy Decorating Fellas!!

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