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 I am sure that you all must have heard of India Circus before.
A design label that offers affordable, Indo-centric, and sophisticated designs by renowned designer Krsna Mehta, Design Director of India Circus.
The collections offer various lifestyle products, ranging from home decor to personal accessories. India Circus designs seek to introduce modern sensibilities to Indian aesthetic traditions. With an All-Indian palette, India Circus draws inspiration from the flora & fauna as well as the rich heritage of India. The brand is a curation of diverse and distinct moods and tones that Mr.Mehta identifies as his vision of contemporary India. The vibrancy of colors and modern sensibility, combined with the nuanced heritage of the designs, make each piece created at India Circus exceptional & make it a truly flamboyant act.
Though their complete collection is to die for and I absolutely adore each and every product they have today on 3D I am introducing India Circus Premium Coffee mugs to you. I got two premium coffee mugs from India Circus. For the current season, the brand offers four diverse & eclectic collections. Tamara is one of them. 
Coffee Mugs

Tamara references India’s extremely rich and diverse visual treasure of flora and foliage & offers a bright and contemporary take on the Indian landscape with visually stimulating designs that lead the eye over its intricate details and patterns, a beautiful ornamentation for you, and your home.
See the different patterns on the same mug in the image above and the one below. It’s a visual treat while you enjoy your hot cuppa.

Coffee Mugs

See from where the inspiration is drawn…..its nature. I just love the details and patterns on these mugs.

Coffee Mugs
Coffee Mugs

This exquisite piece has an intricate design of flowers and leaves, inspired by nature and it looks elegant.

Coffee Mugs

Hop over to India Circus and check out their exquisite collection of Coffee Mugs, place your order and these beauties will be delivered in sturdy packaging and you need not worry about any damage.

Coffee Mugs
Here are the two beauties together. I am quite impressed with their collection of mugs. Now enjoy your coffee in an elegant manner.
Coffee Mugs
I know you are now heading to India Circus. See you all next week, have a great weekend ahead.
Happy Shopping!!
P.S. All images are mine and subject to copyright. Don’t use them without my permission.

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