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Personalized Embroidered Gifts | Small Business Ideas Ep -2

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If you are someone who is looking to start something of your own; a small business or a side hustle maybe then this small business idea can be the right option for you.

Also, you need not worry about capital as you can start this venture of personalized embroidery gifts with minimal funds. All you need to set up this business is:
1. Some embroiderers 
Once you have all the supplies in place, get the templates ready and then you can start making samples (4-5 variations) to give your prospective customers an idea of what they will get. Once things are finalized, you can personalize the embroidery hoop as per the customer’s requirement.
Please watch the video above for detailed instructions on how to make a personalized embroidery hoop gift.
Hope you like the idea!!!
Happy Crafting!

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