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Quick Wall Makeover

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So you have seen two wall makeover ideas on my blog. You can read about the first one here and about the second one here.
Here is one more and it’s KwikDeco again. Yes, this time my son chose the wall decal of his choice for his room, and when the package arrived he was super excited and went crazy.
Here is how his room’s wall looked before the makeover.

And this is how it looks now. Filled with color and full of character.

It was a super easy makeover, my son just peeled the stickers and stuck them on the wall. I saw him smiling more and more every time he stuck the bird, butterflies, and flowers on the wall.

It looks pretty. I told him to stick his photo on that empty bird house and he rejected the idea by saying “Am I a bird” 🙂

Beautiful tree and some stuffed toys resting underneath.

A different view. This decal has made my son’s room look full of color and cheer.

Happy Decorating!!!


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