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Quick and Easy Decorating Ideas

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Decorating is definitely not rocket science.
 You don’t need to buy big pieces and everything new. If you want to decorate your home in a quick and easy way here are some tips to fulfill your desire for that dream home.
1. The very first thing to start with is uncluttering, clear the clutter and your space will look brighter and well-arranged. Clutter in any room makes it appear messy and small. Clearing the clutter and placing things in the proper way makes a room look bigger and brighter.


2. The easiest way to make your home look new, fresh, and beautiful in record time is by rearranging the furniture. Place furniture in an unconventional way to give a completely new look to a room. Move the seating arrangement away from the wall for intimate and cozy seating. I rearranged my living room and got a completely new look. You can see that transformation here.
Living Room
Image: Mine
3. Putting slipcovers on furniture makes them look new and can change the overall appearance of the room.
4. Update curtains and draperies. Choose the right color according to the theme and furniture in the room.
5. Changing a theme or style of the decor in a particular room is also the easiest and quickest way to cheer up the space. To choose or pick a style read this post.
6. Change the pictures and artwork all around your place. Try matching either the color or theme of the paintings. Changing accessories can make a lot of difference. It’s a quick and easy way to decorate your space.
7. Add texture and pattern to a room by placing some nice area rug or beautiful cushions. It instantly lifts the lost charm of a room.
8. Painting just one wall in a room certainly adds a lot of character and drama to the place. Put up some nice artwork and you are done.
9. Sometimes changing indoor plants can also do the trick. Replace palm with fern or some flowering plant or vice versa and see the difference.
10. One more easy and quirky way to decorate your home is to give those old lampshades a new look by painting them or adding nice lace to them.

Just follow these tips and your home will be pleasant and welcoming.
Happy Decorating!!


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