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Rock To Rocking Rock

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Last weekend I gave my garden TLC after almost 10 months. Which is a very very long time and unusual for me to stay away from my garden. Well, after spending a few hours there in my garden re-potting, manuring, pruning and deadheading, not only does my garden look neat, clean and reinvigorated now but it was soothing and therapeutic for me too.
Pebble Painting
When I was re-potting a plant, I found a rock in the soil and the very next moment I wound up all my gardening work, got the rock on my desk and began playing with my imagination.
Garden Accessories
Though there are lots of inspiration available on various sources on internet for rock painting but what satisfies me the most is when I paint my own imagination. I thought I will make a bird then I though a flower then peacock was in my mind but then I saw a butterfly in my garden and that’s where I drew my inspiration from.
Garden Accessories
Painted butterfly in vibrant colours and gave background a mottled effect that I learnt from my mother when I was child. Whenever I paint I always think of her 🙂
Then the top of the rock was looking little blank and my butterfly was lonely too. So I painted everyone’s favourite frangipani flower and on the other side of the rock painted some tiny yellow flowers.
Garden Accessories

Now it was time to bring it back in the garden and see…..
it has added charm to my garden.

Garden Accessories

So what if my dwarf Ixora has stopped blooming, I can add colours this way 🙂

Garden Accessories
Now can someone please give me some more rocks and pebbles. My hands are still itching to paint more…!!
Garden Accessories
Would love to hear from you. Did you like my painted rock.
Stay tuned to know what’s exciting coming next.

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