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Handmade Rugs – Unbelievable!!

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As winter is here I am looking for everything that keeps my family warm and keeps them away from cold. So I just wanted to spread a lot of rugs here and there in my home as my kid doesn’t like wearing socks or slippers. Thus I just googled and came across a nice site finecraftguild where I found handmade rugs and couldn’t resist sharing all these with my blog readers.
Here are some nice rugs. Below is the crochet rug.

This one looks like real grass and is made up of three almost similar colors of yarn.

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This rock pool candy rug is just awesome.

Now this one is again of crochet and kids will be going to love it.

Image Source:

Image Source:

Nice purple crochet rug for bedroom.

Image Source:
Hope you find the ideas interesting.
Happy Decorating!!!

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