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Sharing Spreads Love & Happiness

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Heard and believed that ‘sharing’ spreads love & happiness. So sharing today a very well-written, lovely post. As I read the post and saw a beautiful painting made by Ritu Dua who blogs @ Beneath My Heart Art I wanted to share it with all my lovely blog readers.
Please go through the post: ‘When God Created Mothers’ and let Ritu know your views through comments and show some love by following her blog.
Her post made me feel so nostalgic that I took out socks knitted by my Mom, wore them, and yes while soaking in the sun I clicked a picture just to share with you all. Mothers are great!!!
Socks Knitted By Mom For Me
I feel so proud of my Mom. She is a versatile, very talented lady and my continuous source of inspiration.
Mother’s Love is Unconditional Love.
Wishing you all a very happy weekend and stay creative friends!!

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  1. Thank you Disha for sharing my post here…yeah ! you too are remembering your mom by wearing her love…these cozy socks…beautiful …
    Have an absolutely splendid 2013 🙂

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