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Sunitha Murthy’s Happiest Moment!!

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I have been away from blogging these days and I have lots of reasons for that and looks like I have to be away for a few more days. Just popped in to share a sweet moment that my blog reader Sunitha Murthy mailed me as an entry for ‘Mother’s Day Party & Giveaway’.  I have extended the last date of the giveaway to 20th June as I’ll be away from blogging, please bear with me 🙂 Read on what Sunitha has shared about the proud Mommy moment.

‘We will generally buy Bisleri 20lt can for drinking and my husband will keep the can in my kitchen as we don’t feel like allowing strangers inside. My husband was out of station, so I was trying to lift the can and place it in my kitchen. Suddenly my son who is 4 yrs old told me to move and started rolling the can on the floor and kept it in the kitchen. It was my most happiest moment and I realized that my son was growing older.’

That’s indeed a proud moment and sweet memory to cherish. Thank you so much Sunitha for sharing such a sweet moment with us.

Dear readers if you also want to share such lovely memories then simply write me at or just blog about it and link it here.

Linking this to ‘Mother’s Day Party & Giveaway’ on behalf of Sunitha.
Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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