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Sunny Day

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It’s a sunny bright day and all the plants in my garden look so happy after a few cloudy and rainy days. There was magic in the air, birds were chirping and twittering. The weather was perfect to sit and enjoy on the terrace and to click all the beautiful, colorful blooms in my garden.Allamanda is full of blooms. I just love the color 🙂

Blooms those are in shade have slightly different color.

Dwarf pink Ixora with bunch of buds ready to bloom in a day or two.

Happy Gazania seems enjoying sunlight at its fullest. Love this miniature of sunflower and its veins are just wow.

Gerberas trying to twine around with each other.

Pentas and some greenery in backdrop.

Even ‘Touch me not’ Plant has lot of flowers

Pentas enjoying breeze and some warmth.

Gerberas again 🙂

Lovely Marigold. Love the color of petals

All this is happening in my part of the world. How you all are doing?

Happy Gardening!!!


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