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Terracotta Love

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Terracotta pots and figurines look so lovely. One such lovely piece I was gifted when I visited Chokhi Dhani (a Rajasthani village-themed restaurant and fun fair). Though I loved it in its plain form also but then too I wanted to fill colors.
This is how it looked when I received it……….
 I colored it in pure Rajasthani style using colors like yellow, red and orange. And it turned out so well.
 I found it little difficult to paint bandhni print on turban…but finally I did it.
 Some fine details………
And painting this pot was so fun. this tiny pot is looking so cute…….isn’t it.
Now it looks so Indian….so ethnic and I totally love it.
Wish you all a very happy and wonderful weekend ahead!!

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  1. wow!! you coloured this!! wow!! I love the bandhani work on the pot.. so pretty.. The colours are absolutely gorgeous.. and very rajesthani.. :))

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