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Thanks Weekend

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What lovely weather and I am all set to go green. I posted about growing my dream terrace garden earlier. A big big thanks to this weekend it gave me a lot of time to fulfill my dreams. I wanted Gerbera, Carnation, Palm, Fern, Petunia, Jasmine, and lots of ornamental plants in and around my home and this is just the first step I took toward growing that garden of my dreams.

Gerbera is my all-time favorite plant and the icing on the cake is its blooming. It comes in a wide range of colors orange, peach & yellow are my pick. Have a look…….


Jasmine and night flowering jasmine (parijat/harsingar)

Croton and Aloe vera
Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of this plant with pink flowers it looks beautiful. If anybody among my blog readers knows the name of this plant then please let me know.
As I said this is only the first step toward growing a garden and it’s just a series of pots that I kept on my terrace. A lot to do… I am going to create a landscape…. everything is on my mind and slowly I am going to execute it.
Loved this weekend as I indulged myself in doing what I enjoy most.
Stay Creating!!!

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  1. @Neha, Sanghmitra, Anu: Thanks a lot
    @Ambika: Thank u very much Ambika will keep u updating about my garden's progress….btw I liked ur blog very much and enjoying ur posts as well.

  2. Oh lovely!! thats a huge garden.. Good luck!! I'd love to see the progress of all your work.. and how beautiful it will look all done up.. wow!!

    The flowers & plants are gorgeous.. a nice way to start your end..

    Thank u for linking in to the weekend wrap up… Brings a huge smile to my face.. 🙂

  3. Oh Patricia, I feel honoured when a bunch of talented ppl drop by and leave such wonderful comments. You all talented fellow bloggers are my source of inspiration.
    Thank u all for ur encouraging words.

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