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There Is No Place Like Home

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I have often blogged about how blogging has inspired me and changed my life for the better. 
Today I want to tell you, my dear readers, how my home has inspired me to do things that I have never done before. Today, I am exploring and acknowledging a part of my personality that has been pivotal in shaping my life and the work I do. 
Home Decor Blog

My home inspires me to be creative.

It all started when my husband and I bought our home, a place where we weave memories together as we live and grow. I go the extra mile to decorate my home so that it showcases my personal style. Whether it’s a wall or a piece of furniture, everything in my home is a reflection of my personality.

The stark and plain walls of the new house inspired me to put a stamp of my creative expression on them so that every wall in my home has a story to tell. The hand-painted mural on a wall in the foyer is an apt example of how my home inspires me to be creative.

Family pictures on the wall in our living room bring back lots of fond memories and quite often I try to steal a moment to relive those happy memories and it is a great stress buster. I like to weave memories into my home décor by showcasing all the souvenirs my husband and I have collected over the years. 

No Place Like Home

My home inspires me to bring best out of me.
I work from home and I am madly in love with my job. I wear many hats and working from home allows me to easily switch between my roles as the situation demands. A calming and comforting environment of my home soothes me whenever I feel exhausted after working for long hours. I step out on my balcony garden and a waft of pleasant mild floral fragrances make everything alright once again. 
My home inspires me to put my best foot forward and to do things perfectly. It inspired me to create my workspace to stay productive and focused. And I admit that my home office emanates positivity and warmth, I call it a little slice of heaven in my home.


My home inspires me to be loving.
Every house is made of bricks and mortar but home is made of love. My home inspires me to be a loving person. A daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, mother, sister, friend; no matter what role I am playing, my home inspires me to be comforting, generous, kind, caring and loving. I feel complete when my family finds peaceful respite from the hustle bustle of the city at home with me 
This very beautiful video by Asian Paints shows exactly how our home can inspire us. I would call this video an expression of my feelings.

My home inspires me to stay positive, cheerful, healthy, strong, beautiful inside and out, exuberant and to be an inspiration for others. My home inspires me to be me. There is no denying the fact that there is #NoPlaceLikeHome

Before I conclude here is a teaser of what’s coming up next. 

Home Decor Blog
Tour of my living room that has gone through a lovely transformation recently. Stay tuned!!
I would love to know how your home has inspired you. Do share your thoughts!!

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