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This Holiday Season Make Your Home Guest Ready

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Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. It’s the holiday season are you having guests over? Is your home guest ready? If your answer is ‘no’ then no need to worry at all. Here are some quick ideas to make your home guest-ready:

As entrance is the first place that creates a first impression that lasts long. So entrance to home should always be welcoming and pleasing. Clear the space and make it organized. Spruce it up by cleaning and decorating. If the paint is chipping then give a fresh coat of paint, put some greenery, and place a doormat to welcome guests.

Next comes the living room where guests will spend a lot of time and you will entertain them. Make sure that it is clutter-free, neat, and tidy. Sweep, mop, and dust well in advance. Clear off unwanted things from the coffee table and keep it simple, open windows and curtains to let natural light in that makes the space appear fresh, airy, and bright. Decorate it in an interesting way that shows your personality.

The dining area is where you will entertain your guests. Clear off the dining table and make enough space. Decorate it by placing some tea lights and a vase filled with fresh flowers or a bowl full of fruits. Set the table for guests for lunch/dinner in advance, it looks inviting.

The guest bedroom is the most important area in your home where guests will stay. Don’t over-decorate it. Make this room a comfy zone for your guests. Clean windows, clear cobwebs, and dust bunnies. Clean the clutter from the closet and under the bed. Wash curtains and linens and spray some nice scent on them. Keep an extra pillow and draw sheet/blanket. Clear as much space as possible to provide guests enough space to unpack their stuff. Clearing the closet will ensure that guests have enough space to hang their clothes. Replace burnt-out bulbs. A lamp on the stand will be a thoughtful help in case guests wake up at night. Keep some magazines or good books on the stand.

In the guest bathroom clear cabinets and counters for guest to keep their toiletries. Clean mirror, basin, and toilet. Clean shower, tub, and faucet also. Clear your personal stuff from the cabinets. Put some extra towels and toiletries in easy reach.

These are a few easy, simple but thoughtful tips that can make your guest’s stay a pleasant and memorable one.

Happy Hosting!!!


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