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Thrifty Decor Idea

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to style and decorate your space! Do you agree? Well if not then you are at right place. Today I am sharing an idea to style your space in an easy and inexpensive way. Well, I share many ideas on my Instagram gallery too, click and get connected.  So here is a thrifty way to add charm and a right dose of drama to your decor.
Stained Glass Bottles

Before shelling out for anything expensive, I always ask myself, is it really necessary for me to decorate my home with that particular stuff and if the answer is no I will never buy that stuff. I would rather love to make handmade decor pieces that will not only add the desired charm to my space but will also tell a story. But if the piece is extraordinary then it definitely comes home with me. You must have seen many thrifty decor ideas on my blog earlier too for an instance:
Pitcher turned into a beautiful planter.
Dried branch turned into a blooming branch.
Mineral water can turned into a planter.
Newspaper turned into a decorative tray and the list goes on.
My love (or call it obsession) for thrifty decor has been growing by the day. Today I will share how you can turn glass bottles and jars into an eye pleasing decor accents and you need not be an artist to stain the glass bottles. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s quick DIY.

Stained Glass Bottles


My son likes to have flavored milk whenever he gets a chance to wish for something on family outings and that gives me an opportunity to collect tiny, simple but very cute glass bottles. Not to mention I hoard many other glass bottles and jars too and turn them into a treasure. So today I am showing how you can decorate and style your home with mundane objects. I stained all those glass bottles and jars in lovely hues and turned them into a piece of decor.

Stained Glass Bottles

Placed a bunch of fresh flowers (Bougainvillea here) and paired it with knick-knacks. You can pair it with any decor accessory that compliments the color of the glass bottle. The Idea here is to create a cohesive look.

Stained Glass Bottles

Teal always looks wonderful with pink hence paired my pink glass bottle with teal cage.

Stained Glass Bottles

You can find the tutorial on how to stain a glass jar/bottle here. I stained bottles in green, red, yellow and pink.

Stained Glass Bottles

Green is a color of nature and it can be paired with almost every color without worrying about the result. Here I have paired it with pink and burnt sienna.

                                    Stained Glass Bottles           Stained Glass Bottles

Now the final picture where I clubbed together all the stained glass bottles and jars and the result was heartwarming and mesmerizing. I love how sunlight makes these stained bottles gleam and glow. It has added luminous warmth to my living room. If you have textured glass bottles then the result will be even more gorgeous. Stain the bottle and to make an eye-pleasing display place it where it gets maximum light.

Stained Glass Bottles
 So did I indulge in splurge? NO. Isn’t the result as satisfying and beautiful as it would have been when decorated with expensive stuff. You can have a stylish and beautifully decorated home without spending a lot of money. All you need to do is find beauty in every object around you and put it to a good use before it goes into a trash can and increase the environmental pollution.I will be sharing my steaming cuppa in next blog, come join me for a cup of tea on a cold winter day 🙂

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