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Transform Furniture Into A Statement Piece With Asian Paints

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When we talk about decorating any space, 
furniture plays a crucial part in transforming space from drab to fab. Remember if everything in a room is special then nothing is special and hence arises the need of statement furniture. Now, what is statement furniture? Simply it’s a special piece of furniture in a room that stands out and can dramatically change the look of a room. Here are some characteristics that define a statement furniture: 

Statement Furniture:
  • It can be bold in colours such as bright red, lemon yellow, electric blue or even entirely gold. 
  • Can be unique in material like furniture made of wooden log, tinfoil or any fancy other fancy material. 
  • Can be oversized for a space 
  • Its design can be overemphasised
  • Its shape can be bizarre and funky such as pebble shaped coffee table or boat-shaped garden table. 
  • It can be covered in wild textures and patterns. 
Statement furniture effortlessly grabs the attention. It makes a big impact on a room no matter whether a space is small or grand. It changes the look and feel of the entire space and brings in the wow factor. Statement furniture is definitely not for you if you want to play it safe but if you are ready to take a risk with colours, patterns, textures, shape and size then go ahead and get that attention grabber piece of furniture. But wait! Buying a statement furniture isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and moreover few of us are so emotionally attached to our old furniture for it is either heirloom or has a story to tell and hence we really don’t wish to part with it.
DIY Statement Furniture With Asian Paints:
So there are many ways we can transform our old or existing furniture into a piece of statement furniture. There is someone who can do this excellent job for you impeccably. Well, Asian Paints is that someone and here is how you can transform any furniture into a statement piece with Asian Paints. 
Asian Paints offers a wide range of wood finishes in a variety of colours that provide most luxurious glass-like sheen and all round performance. Here is how you can DIY statement furniture:

  • Choose the furniture that you want to transform and sand it with sand paper.
  • Fill the cracks and gap using wood fillers. 
  • Apply Asian Paints Woodtech polyester base and let it dry for at least 8 hours. 
  • Sand the surface again with higher grit sandpapers.
  • Mix Asian Paints woodtech polyester and your favorite pigment or wood colour and now apply 6-8 coats of this mixture using a sprayer. Let it dry for 24-48 hrs before buffing.
  • Before buffing, sand the furniture surface again to remove the waxy layer.
  • Clean dust from the surface before you start buffing process.
  • Using buffing soap and twisted wool pad buff the surface. 
  • Now buff the surface with waxing cream using a soft wool pad.
  • Lastly, rub the surface with a flannel cloth to obtain the perfect glossy sheen.
Now that’s a lot of hard work. Isn’t it? then why not leave it on Asian Paints. 
Asian Paints Woodtech Studio:
Asian Paints has recently launched its Woodtech Studio and Asian Paints signature stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Woodtech Studio is a one-stop shop for everything wood. If you are planning to buy new furniture or wish to get a customized one or want to revive an old one Asian Paints Woodtech Studio is a place where you will find solutions to all your problems relating to furniture. 
It has in-house designers and experts who are always there to help you create a piece of statement furniture for you without any hassle and help you decorate your space in a dramatic way. 
Whether you love vintage, ethnic, contemporary, retro, European or modern furniture, whether you wish your statement furniture to be in black, yellow, red, blue, orange, gold or any other metallic color, or whether you want it in the most bizarre shape no worries at all, Asian Paints Woodtech Studio designers and experts are meant to do that. Here is a sample of a shade card for you to choose your wood and wood stain for your furniture.
And here is a shade card of wood finishes that Asian Paints offer. Such lovely hues. Ain’t you excited!
Just visit the studio with queries in your mind and leave everything up to Asian Paints Woodtech Studio experts and designers. Go and discover the magic of wood!!
I request my readers from Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata to visit Asian Paints signature stores to get a consultation with experts. 


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