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Trendy Summer Home Decor Ideas

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While every season has its own beauty, character, and charm, Indian summers can be overwhelming at times for obvious reasons. Change in the weather outside demands a change in decor inside the home. A home can’t be kept as is all year round. Its look and feel should be changed according to the season not only to make it comfortable but also to make it look aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Today I am sharing some trendy, elegant yet functional summer home decor ideas.
Trendy Summer Home Decor Ideas

While redecorating the home for summer (or any other season for that matter) one important thing that matters a lot is color. So the first thing that I alter for the summers in my home is the color palette. I transform the look and feel of my space by using colors that have a soothing and calming effect on the mind. Summer color palette is a beautiful mix of soft, cool, and muted colors. Muted colors like white, grey, blush pink and mint are in trend these days and work wonders for color-shy people who fear to go bold with colors like red, yellow, orange, and green.
Softer shades of warm colors like red, orange, and pink can easily brighten up space if used in combination with a dash of deep hues. Cool colors like blue, green, and grey have a soothing effect, work best in summer and can be accentuated with some bright and warm accessories. Wall in neutral shades create a calming atmosphere and to add some flair you can always introduce tiny bits of bold colors through furnishing or accessories.
Summer Color Palette
All the attention is often given to the four walls and the ceiling remains neglected. Let me share some tips to make the ceiling attractive and trendy. So it happens quite often if I post a picture of my living room with a ceiling fan visible in it on Instagram then people find the fan an eyesore which made me think that in a quest to achieve aesthetics, functionality is totally lost. Aren’t ceiling fans an energy-efficient way to keep our spaces cool and should be considered as a blessing. Is there any ceiling fan brand in the Indian market that offers both functionality and aesthetics? Yes, of course, there is one renowned brand in India known for sustainable and aesthetically pleasing products – Luminous India. With a growing focus on the Indian Government’s initiatives like “Make in India” and “Aatmanirbhar Bharat, Signature fans by Luminous which is an Indian brand is one step closer to making this dream come true. Luminous has about 6 manufacturing units in India.

If you want to stay cool throughout the summer and at the same time looking for something trendy for your ceilings then choose the best ceiling fans from Luminous India’s new Signature range of designer fanswhich come bundled with IR remote control to make life easier. Now let’s come back to my living room and let me show you how a ceiling fan which was an eyesore earlier can be a focal point. The left image is before with an ordinary fan and the after image has the Signature collection’s London-themed Big Ben ceiling fan. The change is evident. The fan has 3 tier chandelier with LED light integrated into it which makes it very stylish.

Luminous buying guide also helps you to choose a ceiling fan that fits your space. For example, according to Luminous buying guide New York Manhattan Night Sky fan(sweep size 1.2 M) will efficiently cool my son’s room which is approx. 140 sq.ft Did you notice in the picture below how trendy and classy this home ceiling fan looks. The design of this fan is inspired by a lampshade which has an integrated LED light and the best thing is that the light can be dimmed with a 5-step dimming option. One more interesting fact is that there are laser-etched transparencies on the dark colored canopy which actually looks like a night sky when the LED is turned on hence the name New York Manhattan Night Sky. 
New York Manhattan Night Sky Fan
Now that we have seen how elegant, designer, and loaded with innovative technology Signature fans are, I would like to share how seamlessly these fans blend with the theme of your home interiors. No matter if the theme is Scandinavian, mid-century modern, traditional Indian, or shabby chic Luminous has the best range of ceiling fans. In a traditional English country house below the New York Madison Pine Wood fan is adding to the vibes of the interiors. Inspired by Madison Square in New York City this fan is specially designed to reflect the aesthetics of Madison Square in your room interiors. This is the first square fan in the industry with four blades which makes it functional, unique, and aesthetically appealing too.
Similarly in a traditional Indian home below the Jaipur Mahal Thar Gold fan is the best fit and that’s not all the high-speed fan makes the room downright breezy. The design of this fan is inspired by the artistic interiors of the palace and hence this gold and beige fan lends a royal touch to your home. If these designer fans have piqued your curiosity then I must suggest you check out their collection and fan price on the Signature Fans by Luminous website. Now let’s move on to the next tip.

The next tip is “Say it with flowers”. When I say “flowers” it doesn’t always mean the inclusion of fresh flowers in decor, not a bad idea though, fresh flowers are always a perfect addition to make space look cheerful and vivacious. But here I am hinting towards using floral prints in your home. Cushions, rugs, bedspreads, and even curtains have a scope to add floral prints in an effortless manner. Adding floral prints in decor gives attention to colors but excessive use of bold colors can spoil the look of the place and it will look overdone. Keep the tone soothing as you are decorating for summer. Pink, sky blue, lavender, lime green, grey, and a dash of bold colors like fuchsia, turquoise, orange, and yellow is a perfect color palettes for floral prints and can create a balanced summery look for the home.


A slight modification in furnishing is also very important to transform the look and feel of the home for summer. For instance, replace thick curtains in bold colors with sheer curtains in light and cool colors for the perfect summery feel, replace the furry rugs that can make your feet sweat a lot with colorful and beautiful cotton dhurries that are comfortable for your feet, hang up khus blinds to keep your home cool and you will love the fragrance of khus wafted in through the blinds.


Bring in as many plants as you wish after all plants also need a respite from the scorching hot weather outside. Place them in every corner and nook of your home and make a green oasis inside. Greenery will not only enhance the beauty of your home but will also create a soothing and calming effect that is much needed in summer.
I hope this blog gives you some inspiration to bring in the summer vibes in your home.
Happy decorating!!!


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  1. These are some awesome ideas! Thank you for compiling all of these tips into an article. I love the information you’ve taken the time to share. I am always looking for new blogs to follow and I am definitely looking forward to reading more content from you!

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