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Turn Trash Into Treasure And Save Our Environment

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Dear readers!!
This post is very important, it’s not about design, decor, gardening or Indian art
instead, it is about saving our environment and how you and I can contribute to make it possible.
 I would love you to share this post as much as you can to spread the awareness in society. After Diwali cleaning at my home, my husband and I were shocked to see the waste (cloth, paper, plastic and e-waste) we were hoarding till date. We were racking our brains as to where and how to dispose this waste. That’s when one of my team members from Swaccha Pune group told me about a foundation that deals with waste management. As they say “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, today I am introducing to you an organisation which is working hard to provide holistic solutions to the environmental problems and turning trash into treasure. 
is committed to the betterment of society and environment. It deals with awareness, consultancy services, research and development, waste management, renewable energy and environmental management. 
Planet R
So one fine day we packed all the waste and headed towards Planet R, which is a unit of Poornam Ecovision Foundation in Pune. Now let’s take a look of what did I see there and how this organisation works. At Planet R outlet entrance I saw this brilliant idea of using old and broken helmets as planters.
Meet the brain behind Planet R, Dr Rajesh S. Manerikar, consultant – solid waste management. Meeting him and talking about environmental problems and their solutions was an amazing experience. He enlightened us about how PEF works.
Dr. Rajesh S. Manerikar
Disposal of used/old clothes, toys, E-waste from households is a major problem we face. PEF is working primarily in the area of waste management and at the same time provides opportunities to underprivileged women to earn money. It also focuses on awareness, training and consultancy. 

Collection of waste:
Poornam, in collaboration with an NGO, Janadhar established ‘waste collection points’ at various places in Pune City, where citizens give/donate their household dry recyclable waste such as used clothes, glass, e-waste, nylon, leather. This waste is then either recycled/upcycled to some value added marketable products or directed to the authorized reprocessing chain for further processing. Recycling helps in reducing environmental pollution, reduces the waste finding its way in dumping yards and conserves the natural resources. Apart from environmental benefits of recycling it generates employment. Wastes requiring a special type of handling like e-waste are handed over to the authorized handling facilities.
Channelization Of Waste:

Collected clothes and E-Waste are then sorted into categories like-
Reusable – To donate to needy
Recyclable – To create upcycled products like bags, quilt, mats etc.
Planet R: Theme based outlet of recycled finished products. ‘Planet R’ has an exclusive collection of decorative, gift articles, designer bags made from recycled cloths, handmade paper and utility items such as door mats, carpets, table mats etc.  made from recycled cloths, decorative and ecofriendly alternatives to, day to day needs, from  recycled agricultural waste, decorative and jewelry from paper mache.Here is what I saw at Planet R!

Upcycled plates which are now adorning wall as a decor piece, small bowls and forks made of coconut shells (I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this beautiful upcycled stuff).
Old sarees and dupattas turned into vibrant and stylish folders.
Beautiful bags made out of old and used clothes.
Old saree is now an elegant quilt.
Colourful and extremely useful rugs and mats made out of old clothes and cloth scraps.
The most used packing material, Thermacol can be turned into these adorable educational toys after a chemical treatment.
Sling bags and handbags in every size and shape are made out of old and worn out clothes.
I was amazed to see the entire process of managing waste and then turning it into something very useful. Here is what Planet R accepts in case you plan to donate your household waste. You will get a discount coupon for donating waste that you can redeem at Planet R, where you can buy upcycled products.

In the last financial year, 2014-2015 PEF has collected 7000 Kgs of clothes and 8000 Kgs of E-waste from different residential colonies and institutions.
If this blog has piqued your interest and you are living in Pune and wish to donate your household waste then you can drop by at Planet R outlet or write to them and they will be happy to make a collection point at your residential colony or society.
1098/1 Saphalya Bungalow, 1st Floor
Opp. Pune People’s Co-operative Bank,
Near Telephone Exchange, Model Colony
Shivaji Nagar, Pune
You can write to them at
I too love recycling and upcycling, you can check out some of the stuff that I had made earlier here.
Dear readers! I hope you will do your bit to save our environment. Whether you are in Pune or in other cities I request you to reuse, recycle, upcycle as much as you can and associate with such kind of organisations to help and promote them. Spread the words by sharing this post. Thanks!!
Coming up next is blog about ‘How To Style Sofa’, Stay Tuned!!

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