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Unconditional Love

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I have been waiting for this mother-baby framed sketch for a long time now. I have mentioned it in my earlier post here. Now this framed beauty is ready to take place in my baby’s room.
Mother Baby Sketch
Unconditional Love

Though it’s not a perfect picture what I love about it is that one can see the calm and feel of being secure in the mother’s arm on the baby’s face. Mother looks so satisfied and filled with love while holding her baby. Have a closer look…….

Happy & content mother
Mother Baby Sketch
Reposed & calm baby

This portrait I made during my teenage & little did I know at that time that it would be a part of the decor in my baby’s room. I swell with pride whenever I see this picture.

Mother Baby Sketch
This Picture has enhanced the beauty of my baby’s room and affection between both of us is soaring higher by the day. Being a mother is sheer bliss and I am enjoying every part of it.
Mother Baby Sketch
Happy weekend to all lovely blog readers!!!
Note: All images are mine please do not copy without my permission.
P.S: Please forgive me for my photography skills. I am not a good photographer just trying my hands at it.

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  1. So wonderful that you get to hang something you made when you were younger, in your child's room!

    I'm having a giveaway over at Art in the Garage to celebrate my 1000th post–hope you can stop by and leave a comment!

  2. How special that you did this pre Motherhood. Obviously you were born to be a mother! enjoy every minute (well, the ones that aren't overly difficult) 😉 So lovely. HPPF!

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