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Urban Ladder For Urban Nest

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When my husband and I were looking to buy an apartment a few years back,
our biggest concern was the oversized furniture we own. Though I like my furniture to bits as it offers good storage options and looks aesthetically appealing the only thing we were worried about was its bigger size. It could easily make the compact urban space look crowded and uncomfortable. We were fortunate enough to have found an apartment that could easily accommodate our bulky furniture without making our place look cramped.
Urban Ladder
Image: Urban Ladder
But this was not the case with one of my friends in Mumbai. She bought an apartment which is really very compact. An urban space can be referred to as a space-challenged place. And that’s why I call it an Urban nest. You might find yourself struggling to fit everything you want around you, in a compact area. When my friend moved into her new house and was worried about getting the space done in a stylish and affordable way, she asked me to suggest a good furniture store. Days of furniture hunting and plans of Getting it ready at home with a carpenter working round the clock seemed a daunting task to her as she is a working woman. Then we thought maybe we should try browsing online.  Scared of hits and misses, we weren’t too sure till we stumbled upon Urban Ladder.I had heard of Urban Ladder before- known for its furniture, which offers a sustainable, stylish yet functional range of beautiful furniture. Having read their promise on product quality and design, we realised we don’t need to look anymore. Now a lot of people, as confused as my friend have come to me to find the best design solution from a trustable platform, hence this post! I thought it’d be best to take you through what made Urban Ladder stand out for both my friend and me!

We both were stunned to see the trendy designs and contemporary style of furniture on their website. After having a look at a few products we realized that the brand aims to make furniture that can transform space-challenged urban dwellings into an ideal home and that’s what we were looking for. An elegant-looking furniture that is specially designed for urban living that tucks into small spaces with ease. We were glad to know the fact that furniture is designed in-house by Urban Ladder and its design is so thoughtful that it can easily double up its purpose without compromising its style and aesthetics. We kept on looking at the furniture in beautiful designs. My friend was quite happy as she had found the design she was looking for and that too in a material she was looking for but then she was worried about the functionality of the furniture. So we went on browsing their website looking for furniture with added functionality.

Urban Ladder
Image: Urban Ladder
What we realized after looking at Urban Ladder’s range of products is that aesthetic beauty and functionality woven together in the most elegant way is the speciality of Urban Ladder. She wanted a versatile piece of furniture which multiplies the storage space effortlessly that too in a stylish way. Multifunctional designs are in demand these days as urban spaces are short on places to store stuff hence you need a furniture with a good amount of storage and that can serve various purposes at the same time. At this point, my friend was totally relaxed and had calmed down as she had found the most functional piece for her living room from Urban Ladder’s wide range of products.
Few of my friends who already own the furniture from Urban Ladder had told me that furniture from Urban Ladder has transformed their house into a home. I told the same thing to my friend that she will definitely find her fantasy furniture at Urban Ladder. She liked a sofa designed to maximize space, can be turned into a bed and that too with ample storage underneath. It can be a perfect addition to her compact living room. Not to mention that sofas were available in different materials like fabric, wood, leather and in different design & style like L-shaped, loved seat, modular, divan and many more. Bingo!! she has finalised the sofa cum bed with storage in brown colour for her living room. We started looking for dining room furniture then.
Urban Ladder
Image: Urban Ladder

She was particular about the design of the dining table set. She wanted a dining table that is designed especially for urban spaces that lends a contemporary look and takes up very less space. We checked out a wide range of dining tables from 8 seater, 6 seater to 2-3 seater set. Now she was not worried about the shape and material of the dining set as she knew now she can find one easily that suits her taste and design sensibilities. She was looking for something that fits in her compact dining room without making it look crowded. She was surprised to see the folding six seater dining table that was made of two flaps, one flap can be folded down to turn the dining table into 2-3 seater and the dining table can be tucked away by putting both the flaps down to make space in an apartment. So my friend fell in love with this dining table instantly and she chose teak wood finish as her apartment has warm
and earthy colour palette.

Urban Ladder
Image: Urban Ladder

That’s all she wanted to buy for her new apartment and she was quite happy and satisfied as this is what exactly she was looking for. What more can one ask for, the design & style that reflects your taste, additional functionality, and range of products to choose from that fits your budget. And after placing the order she was worried about the shipping and delivery of the furniture. That’s when we read some awesome customer reviews on their website. One such review said that “I am quite happy with my purchase. It got delivered in good condition without any breakage. People at Urban Ladder know that service is as important as their products. That’s why they are always conscious of every detail of the process, from the time of ordering till your order reaches your home, and even afterwards”. We both were quite relieved after reading that and were waiting impatiently for the furniture to delivered.

Not only my friend lots of my blog readers are quite happy about their experience with Urban Ladder. So if you are looking to give your home a beautiful makeover head over to Urban Ladder.
Happy Decorating folks!!


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