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Vastu Gyan: Orientation

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Earlier I have done one post on Vastu that you can find here. It was an introduction to Vastu. today I am taking this Vastu series forward and this second post will throw light on ‘Orientation’. It is believed that Vastu Shastra is a perfect understanding of geography, direction, environment, physics, and topography and is an art of placing the correct settings in a manner that yields the maximum benefits.

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  • East (Poorva): It should be open, being the source of male issues.
  • South-East (Agneya): Source of health, place of fire, cooking and food.
  • South (Dakshin): Source of wealth, crops and happiness.
  • South-West (Nairutya): Source of character, behaviour, cause of longevity and death.
  • West (Paschim): Source of name, fame and prosperity.
  • North-West (Vayavy): Source of change in the course of business, friendship and enmity.
  • North (Uttar): This should not be blocked, being the source of female issues.
  • North-East (Eshanya): Source of health, wealth, prosperity and male issues.
With a little care in the relative positioning of different rooms in a house, one could expect to live a peaceful, happy and prosperous life.
The next post in this Vastu Gyan series will describe about ideal locations of different rooms in a house. So do drop by and check out my next post of this series.


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