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Video Tour Of My Balcony Garden

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Gardening has always been a therapy for me. Though I find very little time these days to indulge in serious gardening I never miss a chance to get a glimpse of what my garden offers me every day.

Small Balcony Garden
Sometimes I just turn my camera on and try to capture the beauty of nature. You must have seen the makeover of my balcony garden, DIY bottles hanging planters in my garden, hanging baskets in my garden, and how I beautified my garden in a quick way. I have shared many pictures of my balcony garden but today I am sharing not only images but also a video tour of my winter garden. Hope you will like it.
And here are some images of my winter garden. I had planted Lily two years back and since then it has just grown in size. But, as dawn broke on the new year I saw a sweet surprise in my garden, my lily bloomed and there were four blooms to wish me Happy New Year!!
Small Balcony Garden
Small Balcony Garden
Other than that I have a few more colors in my garden bougainvillea, gerbera, jasmine and hibiscus.
Small Balcony Garden
Small Balcony Garden
And these little creatures along with parrots, sparrows, mynah and sometimes sunbirds keep visiting my garden and to my surprise they don’t spoil it, they just play around, perch on branches and flowers, eat insects and go back to their homes!

Small Balcony Garden

If you are not doing something great this weekend, try to get your hands dirty in the garden. Believe me, it would be therapeutic and you will feel relaxed and reinvigorated.
Coming up next is a rising star of the interior designing industry, who is going to share his recent works with us and that’s not all you will get to know more about him. Stay tuned!!

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