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Wall Decor

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Hello! dear readers. Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend to its fullest and mine was a very creative one. My hubby and I created a gallery wall in our living room….it was fun drilling the wall and then hanging our memories in the form of lovely pictures. Then in the evening, we just sat on the couch, sipped a cup of ginger tea, and kept looking and admiring the pictures that brought back so many memories. Our living room has got a new look now. It looks so lively with all those pictures. I really loved the idea of putting up our family photographs, looking at those pictures brings a smile to our faces and relieves all the stress.Here are before and after pictures.

Dull space
Now looks lively and cheerful
one more view

I am quite happy with it. We bought this apartment 3 months back so it’s like a big blank canvas that I have to fill with my imagination and colors. A lot more to come ……watch this space frequently and leave me some encouraging and inspiring words.

Happy Decorating!!!


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7 Responses

  1. Nice… It sometimes looks better than having a single large wall hanging… We would love to do it too, but have been keeping away because of drilling holes on the wall…

  2. loving your wall decor.There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the smiling face and happy memories looking back at you as you move around in your house.Looking forward to more as you step in the adventure of decorating your new home 🙂

  3. Hey Disha, it looks lovely. We too have photo wall and I love looking at pics, I change the pics also time by time. I bet you will enjoy your too.

  4. @Sarmistha: Thanks Sarmistha.Very true each time I pass from that wall I feel refreshing. Sure I'll keep posting about my progress in decorating my home.

    @Woodooz: Thanks!! Checked your blog and found you are too creative. You have done lot of things by your own then why to fear of drilling hole in a wall you can seal n paint it later.

    @Nayana: Thanks Nayana!! To change the picture after some time is really a good idea and is in my mind so sure I'll do it and even I'm thinking to change the color of mounting also.

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